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Tsavorite Cost

When Did Tsavorite Become Popular?

Tsavorite was discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, and it first became popular in the 1970s. It is known for being one of the rarest gemstones on the planet, and the world’s rarest garnet. It’s greatly coveted, and for good reason too. Tsavorite is a magical forest green gemstone. Its stunning and rich color is one thing that made it so famous around the world.

In addition to being both a beautiful and rare gemstone, the history and discovery of tsavorite add to its popularity. It is also the birthstone for January and May, making it desirable for many who were born during those times, especially in pieces of jewelry.

Tsavorite Cost Factors: Pricing

Since tsavorite is the world’s rarest garnet, it’s also one of the most expensive garnets out there. There are only a few tsavorite mines that exist, and they’re all in difficult locations. This highly affects the price of it, before even considering other aspects of the gemstone.

The cost of this gemstone depends greatly its quality. Certain factors such as cut, color, clarity and carat weight affect the cost of tsavorite. Depending on what shade of green this gemstone is, how many inclusions it has, and what size it comes in, you can find prices that differ immensely.

For example, on the lowest end of non-gem quality pieces, tsavorite can be purchased for just a few dollars per carat of it. However, on the highest end of immaculate quality, it can be $8000 per carat. You can also find prices in the middle of good quality pieces, ranging from $500-$2000+ per carat. Let’s go through the factors now and see what factors go into determining the cost of tsavorite.

Carat Weight

Tsavorite can come in a variety of carat weights, however, larger-sized carats are rarer. You will rarely find tsavorite faceted gemstones in sizes larger than seven or eight carats. High-quality tsavorites that are found above twenty carats are known as world-class. On average, most tsavorite garnets are less than three carats.


Color is one factor that plays a big role in the price of tsavorite. We know tsavorite is the rarest garnet, it is a form of the garnet Green Grossularia. The rich green color that this garnet is prized for is due to the presence of vanadium inside of it. Vanadium is a soft metal, in the color silver/white. Sometimes traces of chromium is also present.

The chemical compassion of tsavorite is unique. The more vanadium that is found inside, the darker a shade of green the garnet will be, and the more intense it will appear. This results in a gemstone that is rarer, more desirable, and more “pure.” It is very resistant to heat, which helps provide a great luster.

Many people compare tsavorite to emerald since they are both green gemstones. Even though these two gemstones are different, when it comes to the color of tsavorite, the more emerald-green that it is, the better. When determining the cost of tsavorite, high-quality pieces have intense shades of green, without being too dark or having any yellow tinges.


When showing off tsavorite, this garnet looks best under natural daylight. No matter how high-quality the piece is, bad lighting such as incandescent light can slightly alter the color, giving it a more yellow/green appearance even though the stone doesn’t naturally have that shade.


Tsavorites can be found in a range of different cuts. Oval cuts and cushion cuts are the two most popular ones. Round cuts can also be commonly found, along with emerald cuts, trillion cuts, and more. The cut doesn’t affect the cost of tsavorite in any notable way. One thing you won’t see too many of are cabochon-cut tsavorites.


When it comes to the clarity of tsavorite, this garnet is a relatively clean one. When purchasing the gemstone on its own or in a piece of jewelry, you should expect the gemstone to be either eye-clean or very close to it. In terms of the GIA classification of clarity, tsavorite is a type II gemstone. This means that it can have inclusions, but they will come at a much lower level than other gemstones would have.

Eye-clean pieces of tsavorite, which is known as an acceptable quality, won’t have any noticeable imperfections with the naked eye. However, you might find some with the use of magnification.

Is Tsavorite a Worthwhile Purchase?

Yes, tsavorite is a very worthwhile purchase to make. It is extremely rare, making it a valuable gemstone to own. It is the rarest garnet in the world, and it can only be mined in a few locations. If you are born in either January or May, it is also a worthwhile gemstone to have since it is your birthstone. Tsavorite looks wonderful in a variety of jewelry pieces including earrings, necklaces, rings, necklaces and pendants, and more.

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