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Tsavorite Grading

Tsavorite isn’t a well-known gemstone, but its popularity continues to increase. This dazzling green gemstone is part of the garnet family. It features a high refractive index and dispersion levels that translate into mesmerizing brilliance, and they have fewer inclusions than emeralds.

How are Tsavorites Graded?

Tsavorite is a rare, lesser-known gemstone with a mesmerizing green color. Gemologists consider color one of the most important factors for assessing (aka grading) tsavorite. Gemologists also consider clarity, cut and carat weight for grading.

How to Grade Tsavorite Color

Color is an important factor to assess when grading tsavorite because it’s one of it’s most captivating features. The color range of Tsavorite varies from spring-like light green to an intensely bluish green or deep forest green. The unusual green color of Tsavorite is caused by the presence of chromium and vanadium. The most sought-after color is an emerald green and should be as intense as possible without being too dark or yellow green. The color green should be saturated throughout the stone and vivid.

How to Grade Tsavorites Clarity

As you evaluate Tsavorite’s quality, clarity is the second most important. Remember that clarity refers to the inclusions within the gemstone. GIA is known for grading gemstone quality, and they grade colored gemstone clarity as well. GIA classified Tsavorite as a Type 2 gemstone, which is known as “usually included.” This gemstone’s geology makes it more prone to inclusions. Other stones, like Tanzanite, are a Type 1 gem and naturally have fewer inclusions. It’s important to note that some brand’s create their own clarity grading for colored gemstones.

Some of the incustions you’ll see include:

● Feathers

● Fingerprint inclusions

● Needles

● Asbestos fibers

● Small graphite platelets

How to Grade Tsavorites Cut

You’ll find Tsavorites in a variety of cuts, including round, cushions, emeralds, and ovals. They’re a tough stone (about 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale). It’s important for the cut to be proportional. For example, a stone with a heavy pavilion means you’re paying more for part of the stone that isn’t visible in the setting.

How to Grade Tsavorites Carat Weight

Being a rare stone, Tsavorites in one-carat quality sizes are hard to find. High-quality gemstones over 2 carats are rare and anything over three carats is extremely rare, especially with high quality.

It’s important to note that some gemcutters try to retain weight and sacrifice quality for size. Carefully evaluate if you plan to buy a larger tsavorite to ensure the clarity, color, and cut look good.

Larger Tsavorites are rare, so carat weight affects the price. Stones at the same quality level increase exponentially as the weight increases.

Tsavorite Grading Chart

Tsavorites don’t have a standard grading chart like diamonds. However, these gemstones can be categorized in the following ways:

● Good: Tsavorites in the “good” category have a bright light green color. They’re characterized by apparent inclusions. This category of stones is an entry level for fine jewelry.

● Better: Gemstones in the “better” category exude a medium green hue and feature noticeable inclusions. They’re typically found in jewelry sold at leading independent stores.

● Best: Stones in the “best” category have a vivid green hue with slight inclusions. They exude high brilliance. Jewelry with this quality is similar to the offerings at top 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive jewelers.

● Heirloom: Tsavorites in the “heirloom” category display a vivid green hue with slight inclusions. They exude high brilliance, and are the highest-quality that you’ll find in the world.

Tsavorite Pricing

Tsavorite prices have continued to increase over the past few years. Larger tsavorites are rare, so carat weight affects the price. The larger Tsavorites are more rare, and will be significantly more expensive than one carat stones. For example, a 1 to 2 carat stone will cost around $1,500 per carat while a 3- to 4-carat stone generally could cost around $5,200 per carat. Similarly, higher-quality tsavorites in the tsavorite grading chart will be more costly.

Why pick a Tsavorite?

This intense green gemstone is not as well known, but its popularity increases every year because of its unique hue, durability, and rarity. Fine jewelry lovers adore this stone because of its high refractive index and dispersion levels that provide mesmerizing brilliance. People often compare Tsavorites to emeralds, and these have fewer inclusions than emeralds and are more affordable.

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