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Many people wear jewelry as accessories, such as bracelets. Other than necklaces, you can often see someone wearing bracelets to complete their look. Among the many types of bracelets that are available, one of the most popular is bangle bracelets.

If you're not familiar with bracelets, you may not know the differences between a bangle bracelet and other bracelets. However, once you understand this particular kind of bracelet, you will know what makes it different from the rest.

What is a Bangle Bracelet?

So, what is a bangle bracelet? The word 'bangle' emanates from "branchialle," a Hindi word that means ringed-shaped anklet. Because it comes from Hindi, this ringed-shaped anklet can often be seen at Indian weddings.

For Indian brides, bangles are not just an accessory. Wearing bangles at weddings has a deeper meaning for them, representing prosperity and married life. Moreover, the practice of wearing bangles on the wedding day is also applied by a wider cultural circle, including the brides from Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan.

In terms of design, a bangle has no clasps or hooks. This is different from regular bracelets, which can be opened and closed when they are about to be worn. Usually, a bangle is worn on the upper arm, not on the wrist.

A bangle is often made of metal, gold, or silver. These are all solid materials that make bangles non-adjustable. Meanwhile, ordinary bracelets can be made from various materials and are more flexible.

Types of Bangle Bracelets

Not all bangles look the same. There is a lot of variety of bangles made from various materials and with different designs. Here are three of the most popular options of bangle bracelets for women.

1. Simple Gold Bangle Bracelet

A simple gold bangle bracelet is a perfect choice for your everyday wear. The color gold is easy to match with any outfit and style. It can complete any look, from casual to formal.

Compared to other options, simple gold bangles have a more conventional design, so it is often used for formal or traditional occasions. However, you can also wear it as a casual accessory if you stacked more than one bangle. It is lightweight, so your arm won't feel heavy.

2. Twisted Silver Bangle Bracelets

Searching for a feminine look? Twisted silver bangle bracelets can be a good choice. The color silver is often considered an elegant color, especially when combined with the narrow screw thread found in twisted bangles.

While gold bangles are popular because of their versatility, silver bangles are famous for their meanings and health benefits. Many women wear a silver bracelet to represent happiness and wish for good fortune. Some also wear it to show that they are a maiden, a daughter, or a wife.

Furthermore, silvers are widely known as materials that can fight infections and prevent viral disease by expanding elastic blood vessels. Yet, it doesn't mean you can rely only on silvers to keep your body healthy.

3. Diamond Bangle Bracelet

The diamond bangle bracelet is another type that is no less popular than the previous two. At a glance, its design resembles a tennis bracelet that consists of a single row of diamonds. You can wear diamond bangles on many occasions, but most people wear them to attend parties or other sophisticated events.

Before buying diamond bangles, keep in mind that this type of bangle is a luxurious item. It is heavier than the silver or gold bracelets and also much more expensive, so make sure you have prepared the budget to get them. And you might not want to stack them because of their weight, so wearing a single diamond bangle is recommended.

Which Metals are the Best for Bangle Bracelets?

Most bangles are made of gold and silver, but do you know that many types of metals are actually used for bangles? In fact, every metal option has its characteristics so that you can choose them according to your personality or lifestyle.

So, what kind of metals do you need to look for in bangles? Here is some information about each metal to guide you in choosing bangles.

● Yellow gold

Yellow gold is the most common gold you see in jewelry. It is versatile, fits every occasion, and is easy to buy. Because of its traditional look, yellow gold is best for someone who loves timeless and classic fashion styles.

● Platinum

You may consider wearing platinum bangle bracelets if you rarely use bracelets because of allergic reactions. Platinum is known for its hypoallergenic nature and its strength. It is durable, not easy to break, but also lightweight and can be used for everyday wear.

● White gold

For those who are looking for a more affordable alternative that gives the same value as platinum, a white gold bangle bracelet can be an option.

Compared to a platinum bangle, a 14k gold bangle bracelet is harder and scratches less. It is strong enough to hold additional diamonds on your bangles, although not as durable as platinum.

● Rose gold

In modern fashion trends, rose gold is a very popular color. Not only the color signifies femininity, but it is also made from pure gold. Rose gold is alloyed from 24 karats of yellow gold, silver, and copper. Wearing a rose gold bangle bracelet is great for you with a trendy sense of style.

● Sterling silver

Sterling silver bangle bracelets are the most affordable than other metal options. Sterling silver is a real silver, alloyed from pure silver but also combined with other metals.

Even though it is cheaper, it doesn't mean it has poor quality. A sterling silver bangle also offers a high shine and won't rust easily

Things to Consider Before Buying Bangle Bracelets

With many options and various designs, it is hard to determine which type of bangles to buy. Whether it is a gold bangle bracelet set or a silver twisted bangle, to make sure you buy the right bangle, consider these factors before deciding:

● Make sure the length of the bracelet is not too long or too short. Measure your wrist before buying to avoid the wrong size

● Determine the budget for the metal and design

● If you're giving bangles as a gift, keep the giftee's preferences in mind

● Only buy bracelets from a reputable brand, preferably if they offer easy return or exchange for any dissatisfaction

Care and Storage Tips

Bangles are delicate and valuable jewelry, so you need to store them carefully. If you only have several bangles and like to bring them for travels, store each bangle in a different circular pouch. Make sure the pouch has enough padding that can protect the details of your bracelet from wearing off.

However, if you have many collections of bangles, it will be better to store them using a jewelry hanger. You can hang your bangles to prevent them from tangling and arrange them based on color, size, or design.

When you want to clean the bangles, don't just use ordinary soap and water. Using the wrong cleaning material can lead to rust or damage.

There are special cleaning tools used to clean jewelry. If you're not sure where to buy the tools, you can bring your bangles to a jewelry cleaning service.

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