Guide to Children’s Earrings

When selecting earrings for children, you have plenty of items to consider besides aesthetics. Earrings need to be appropriately sized for your child and safe. In this post, we’ll review various safe earring options for children, provide popular earring styles and give you some helpful considerations as you browse for earrings.

Safe Earring Options for Children

We compiled a list of considerations to help you choose the best earring options for your children.

• Hypoallergenic Metal: This is one of the most important factors because babies and children have sensitive ears and it’s important to avoid an allergic reaction. Many parents prefer hypoallergenic metals for earrings, such as platinum, for children because they tend to have sensitive skin. High-quality materials include sterling silver, gold, or surgical steel, which are often non-toxic and safe. Avoid plastic or cheaper materials for earrings. You can also look for nickel-free options in case of a nickel allergy—they will be labeled as such.

• Secure Backing: You have a variety of earring back options, but there are particular styles that are best for babies and children. A screw back earring is a safe and popular option for earrings as it’s one of the most secure options. A covered screw back has a closed end to encase the post, so the sharp end of the post doesn’t poke through. This style of earring backs provides comfort when babies are sleeping. Once you twist them to close on the ear, they are secure. Plus, the back will not fall off, so you don’t need to worry about an earring back being a potential choking hazard. The other style back is the butterfly earring back, which is suitable once your children are older and more comfortable wearing earrings.

• Style: Like earring backs, it’s important to select an earring style that is safe and not a choking hazard. Avoid dangle and hoop earrings because the child can pull on them, which could damage the earrings holes and could lead to infection.

  • • Studs are the best option for infants until they’re older. Once the earring holes heal and the infant adjusts to having earrings, close-fitting hoops called “huggies” are an option.

  • • You have plenty of style options for studs. Some parents select tiny gemstone studs, and popular stone options include diamonds, lab-created diamonds and birthstones. Lightweight studs make a memorable first pair of earrings for your little one!

Earring Styles for Children

We gathered some popular earring styles that work well for children.

Asscher Cut Diamond Studs

Asscher Cut Diamond Studs

You can customize these classic, simple diamond studs with a variety of metal and stone options. A screw back would make this ideal for infants.

Four Curves Lab Diamond Studs

Four Curves Lab Diamond Studs

Four distinct gemstone curves make an elegant, delicate pair of screw back earrings that work well for children. Select 14K white or yellow gold and either lab or natural diamonds.

Double Loop Diamond Earrings

Double Loop Diamond Earrings

These simple diamond earrings feature two loops of metal covered in diamonds for a unique design in either white or yellow gold. These have screw-back earrings that work well for children.

Helpful Hints

As you consider piercing your child’s ears, it’s important to keep a few points in mind:

  • • Do not rush into piercing your child’s ears. Consult your physician and make the decision accordingly.

  • • Take into consideration the risks that are involved in getting your child’s ears pierced. Infection is a main concern with children’s piercings–especially for young children.
  • • Avoid gun piercing if possible. Instead visit a professional who uses sterile equipment and a technique like the needle method. Some physicians perform piercings, so check with your office to see if they offer this service or can recommend someone.
  • • Invest time in post-care. Cleaning the front and back of the piercings several times per day is essential to healing and avoiding infection.
  • • Buy earrings for your child only from a reputed brand that offers easy returns/exchange if you’re dissatisfied with the product.

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