Earring Jacket Guide

Earring jackets continue to grow in popularity as they offer a new way to wear earrings and there are plenty of available options to spice up your studs. If you’re trying to picture how these work, earring jackets slide on the post behind the stud. Sometimes the jacket goes in front of the ear but newer trends feature jackets that are placed behind the ear.

How to Wear Earring Jackets?

Before we dive into wearing earring jackets, it’s important to distinguish between earring jackets and earring crawlers. These are actually two different designs. Jackets wrap around an existing post that is attached to that post. An earring crawler looks like it’s crawling or climbing up the ear by following the shape of your earlobe, but it’s not attached other than the single post.

Earring jackets have a hole for the post to go through. First you have to decide if the jacket will go in front of the ear lobe or behind it. Then you simply push the post through hole and then your earring jacket or vice versa.

The beauty of earring jackets is they give you a variety of design options. Here are some ideas on how to style them:

• Make sure your earrings are visible. If you have short hair, you’re good to go! If you have long hair, wear it up or at least half up so your jewelry can be seen.

• Look at your earrings to see what other combinations you can make–edgy, glam, or sophisticated – it's’ your chance to get creative!

• Another way to get creative is to mix the metals between the stud and the jacket.

• Depending on the design, these can be worn day or night. Something more sparkly would be great for a night out while something simpler could be worn to work or to brunch.

• If you have multiple piercings, you can get even more creative with your earrings by matching your other piercings to the jacket or coming up with something more eye catching.

Popular Earring Jackets

With so many earring jacket designs, it’s hard to create a list of favorites, so we created a list of the most popular types of earring jackets:

• Another way to get creative is to mix the metals between the stud and the jacket.

• Diamond Earring Jacket: While this is a single category, you’ll find popular diamond earring jackets in many designs, such as floral, swirl, starburst, geometric, etc. These can be simple to elaborate–and some are designed to go in front of the lobe, but most get worn behind the lobe. These are versatile enough to be worn from day to night, and can be worn often with multiple stud earrings and also work with multiple piercings.

• Pearl Earring Jacket: Pearls are known for their elegant, sophisticated look. Some jackets combine diamonds and pearls for a classic look. This type of design is best suited for a formal or semi-formal occasion, such as a shower, party, opera, or another dressed-up event.

• Chain Earring Jacket: Chain jackets are fun in that they offer a few different ways to wear them based on where you place the chain. It can be only on the back of the lobe, connecting from the front to the back or only on the front. These have a more modern, chic look, and you’ll find the chains in varying lengths. Some even have more than one chain.

• Hoops: Embellished or not, hoop earring jackets can be worn in front or behind the ear lobe. Usually the hoops are hollow so your ears aren’t weighted down. These are versatile and can be dressed up or down.

Metal Options

In addition to all of the different style options, you also have your choice of metal for earring jackets.

• Yellow Gold: This durable type of gold is affordable and great for someone with a classic sense of style.

• Platinum: While this silvery metal costs more than other options, it’s hypoallergenic and good for someone with a sophisticated sense of style.

• White Gold: This option is a great alternative to platinum because it’s affordable but offers a radiant silvery-white shine.

• Rose Gold: Rose gold has a unique warm, pinkish tint. It’s ideal for someone trendy who has a modern sense of style.

• Sterling Silver: This metal option is the most affordable than the other options. It’s perfect for every day wear and offers plenty of silvery shine.


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