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Guide to Purity Rings

Purity rings emerged in the last few decades, but you might not be familiar with their purpose and who wears them. In this post, you'll learn about purity rings including their meaning, design options, etiquette, and shopping tips.

What are Purity Rings?

Purity rings, also known as chastity or abstinence rings, represent a pledge to remain celibate until marriage. Males and female young adults typically wear purity rings. The purpose of the ring is to remind the wearer of their pledge to remain pure. It’s also worn publicly and visible to other people, so it makes a statement.

These rings came to be in the 1990s. They were made mainstream by well-known millennials such as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lavato, Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers. Christian groups also helped popularize these rings, and some held Purity Balls for fathers and daughters where they focused on abstinence for teenage girls.

Often rings are engraved with sayings, like “True Love Waits.” Other engravings include:

• I Will Wait For You

• Purity

• Faithful to My Beloved

• Heart and Soul

• One Life One Love

• Bible Verses

• Love Waits

Purity Ring Etiquette

Today, people buy themselves a purity ring, family members give them as a gift, or couples purchase rings. For example, dads buy their daughters rings and moms buy their son’s rings. They’re worn by both young men and women. Usually the ring is worn on the left hand ring finger to serve as an abstinence reminder. If he or she gets married, the wedding ring typically replaces the purity ring. But you can also wear the ring on the right hand or on another finger. Comfort is key!

Like other special jewelry, you can take off your purity ring if you’re participating in outdoor activities, cleaning the house, or you're worried about damaging it. You can always wear it around your neck on a chain so it’s close to your heart, but not on your hand. Your purity ring carries sentimental value so make sure you keep it safe if you take it off and on a lot.

Purity Ring Designs and Styles

Purity rings come in a variety of styles from simple to extravagant. There’s not one style of purity ring. You’ll see simple metal bands with engraving as well as more elaborate rings that have gemstones. Diamond crosses are a popular style for women. Other popular designs include keys, hearts, vines, and flowers. The key represents “the key to my heart.” For men, bands are popular and sometimes they’re engraved.

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Purity Ring Metal Options

Once you’ve decided on a ring style, you'll also need to select your metal. You might prefer the look of a certain metal or choose metal based on skin sensitivity. All of the following options are durable.

• Yellow Gold: A gold purity ring has a classic look. Its yellow hue is flattering on many skin tones and is an affordable option.

• Platinum: Platinum costs a bit more, but it’s a hypoallergenic, silvery-white metal that works well for someone who has a sophisticated style.

• White Gold: Another silvery-white metal is white gold. It’s a budget-friendly, radiant option that continues to be popular.

• Rose Gold: This metal features a warm, pink tint, and it’s a popular, trendy option. It’s ideal for someone who prefers a modern sense of style.

Purity Ring Shopping Tips

Once you’ve decided on a ring style, you'll also need to select your metal. You might prefer the look of a certain metal or choose metal based on skin sensitivity. All of the following options are durable.

• If you’re buying a purity ring for yourself, you can pick the design that you want–it doesn’t need to be boring. Select a design that suits your sensibilities and beliefs. There are so many beautiful designs available, so browse until you find the perfect ring that speaks to you and is meaningful.

• Consider engraving your purity rings with a special message to make it even more beautiful and personal. Some purity rings have engravings on the outside while some might prefer to have the inside of the ring engraved.

• Keep comfort and quality in mind when choosing the ring. You want a ring that is durable and will last. Try on different rings and bands with different widths to find one that is comfortable.

• Buy from a reputed brand that offers easy returns if at all you’re dissatisfied with the product for any reason.

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