Men’s Promise Ring Guide

A promise ring symbolizes commitment, love and loyalty to one another and they’re worn by men or women. Keep reading to learn more about promise ring options, how to pick a promise ring, and some helpful considerations.

History of Promise Rings

Believe it or not, promise rings have existed since ancient times. Laws stated that couples had to wait a specific amount of time between announcing an intention to marry, and the marriage ceremony. As a result, Roman brides wore promise rings during the 2nd century BC as a symbol of a promise of marriage.

Promise Rings Today

Today both men and women wear promise rings. Some couples choose to pick out a matching set, and some women purchase a promise ring for their loved one as a symbol of love and devotion. As promise rings have gained popularity, more men’s designs are available so you can find the perfect ring for your love.

Ring Designs

As you shop for rings, decide whether you plan to get a plain metal ring or one that is embellished. Consider your loved one’s style in deciding which type or ring to purchase. Here are some favorite options in each category.

Plain Metal Rings

Classic Low Dome Band

Classic Low Dome Band

This is a thinner, and lighter weight version of the classic dome band. It has a very subtle look to it. This ring can be engraved with initials or names to add meaning. Bands for men are versatile and can be worn at any stage in life. Couples can also choose to use a band as a promise ring and then add an engraving onto it with their engagement or wedding date to continue wearing it and switch it to their ring finger. This can represent the total commitment of their relationship.

Carved Dome Two Tone Ring

Carved Dome Two Tone Ring

This ring is carved out milgrain design with two toned metal on a dome style men's wedding band, and comes in several metal options. It’s still a classic-looking ring with a bit more flair with the two-tone design. It’s a great ring to wear everyday for someone who likes a classic look with some two-tone flair.

Split Satin Top Ring

Split Satin Top Ring

This design’s satin finish features a high-polished split trimmed center of the ring. It’s great to wear every day without getting in the way, and the detail in the center of the band is ideal for someone who likes classic metal jewelry and appreciates style details.

Diamond Embellished Rings

Milgrain Detailing Diamond Center Ring

Milgrain Detailing Diamond Center Ring

This design features a low goss brushed finish with center milgraining to highlight a 0.04 ct solitaire diamond. It’s available in several metals, has a wider band, and would work well for someone who likes a classic look but wants to elevate the ring with a small diamond.

Satin Finish Ring with Princess-Cut Diamonds

Satin Finish Ring with Princess-Cut Diamonds

This band features a satin top finish that showcases a row of eight princess cut, bezel-set diamonds. It’s a thinner band so it puts the diamonds on display. If your loved one appreciates the beauty and rarity of diamonds, this ring offers a unique style.

Channel Set Diamond Solitaire Ring

Channel Set Diamond Solitaire Ring

This is a truly unique ring that will get plenty of attention, so if that sounds like your man, then take a look. It’s a wider band with a long channel cut in the center featuring a solitaire diamond.

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Metal Options

As mentioned earlier, promise rings come in different metals for additional customization.

• Yellow Gold: This metal is best for someone who has a classic sense of style. It’s strong, durable and classic.

• Platinum: If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic option with a classic, sophisticated look, then platinum is an ideal choice.

• White Gold: White gold is a popular choice because it’s a nice alternative to platinum, that offers a radiant silvery-white shine.

• Sterling Silver: : Sterling silver is more affordable than the other metal options and offers a high, silvery shine.ce.

Promise Ring Considerations

As you browse for rings, keep the following considerations in mind:

• You can often find embellished rings with either lab or earth-mined diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are more budget friendly but offer the same sparkle as earth-mined diamonds.

• Embellished rings come in different diamond cuts–two most popular options are round and princess-cut.

• Consider engraving your promise ring to make it even more special.

• Pay attention to the diamond setting–prong and bezel are the most popular options. Prong settings help draw focus to the diamond while bezel settings offer a more protective setting.

• Keep your budget in mind as you pick the metal because it affects both the appearance and cost of the ring.

• Keep the person’s personal style preference in mind as you shop for rings.

• Buy from a reputed brand that offers easy returns/exchange if you’re dissatisfied with the product. Research the warranty, reputation of the company and the exchange/refund policy.

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