Men's and Women's Promise Rings

A promise ring is a ring that signifies some type of promise between two people. They are most often exchanged between two young (or older) lovers to pledge their love for each other. The type of promise that the ring signifies can mean different things for different couples. For example, it can be a promise to your lover that you will propose someday. Maybe it’s a promise that you will never cheat, or a promise that even when times get hard, you will always be there for each other. The promise can differ greatly depending on the couple.

When to Give a Promise Ring

You simply want a way to express your love to your partner, maybe it can be an anniversary or birthday gift. You can’t afford an expensive ring now, but when you can, you know that you will gift one. You want to get married in the future, but for the time being, you are both too young and not financially ready. This can also be called a pre-engagement ring. You want to make a promise that you are ready for a commitment. This relationship means a lot to you and you want your partner to understand that.

Can Men Wear Promise Rings?

A common question that often gets asked is whether or not men can wear promise rings. The answer is - of course! There is no reason why men shouldn't wear promise rings. The meaning of promise rings worn by men is typically always the same meaning as the reason why a woman wears hers. The only difference would be the size and the weight of the men’s promise ring. Since men generally tend to take less care of their jewelry compared to women, their rings have to be sturdier and more durable. They also are plainer than women’s promise rings and usually don’t contain any stones on them, just metal. When both a man and a woman wear promise rings that have the same design on them, those rings are commonly called “promise ring pairs.”

Which Finger Should A Promise Ring Be Worn On

There is no specific finger that promise rings should be worn on. They can be worn on any finger, even the thumb. However, it’s always recommended to exclude the left ring finger and avoid wearing the promise ring there. This will completely eliminate any misunderstandings or misinterpretations, otherwise, it can be confused as an engagement ring or even wedding ring. Many couples choose to wear promise rings on matching fingers of their hands for addded significance. Couples oftentimes wear the promise ring on the left ring finger.

Below are some popular promise ring styles that both men and women can wear to celebrate their relationship.

Men's Promise Rings

promise rings for men Classic Low Dome Band

Classic Low Dome Band

This is a thinner, and lighter weight version of the classic dome band. It has a very subtle look to it. This ring can be engraved with initials or names to add meaning. Bands for men are versatile and can be worn at any stage in life. Couples can also choose to use a band as a promise ring and then add an engraving onto it with their engagement or wedding date to continue wearing it and switch it to their ring finger. This can represent the total commitment of their relationship.

promise rings for men Double Polish Split Band

Double Polish Split Men's Band

This men’s promise ring is definitely more on the sturdy and thicker side of rings. It has a satin top finish with two high polish splits that accent the ring perfectly. With a little bit of variation in the metal finish, this band is perfect for someone who likes to look unique and one-of-a-kind.

promise rings for men Concave Satin Top Band

Concave Satin Top Men's Band

Who says men can’t be stylish? This promise ring has a concave satin top finish that makes it very unique. It would be the perfect ring to get engraved in order to add some special meaning to it. This band can be worn on any finger.

promise rings for men Junction Diamond Band

Junction Diamond Band

This is definitely a more fancy promise ring because it contains a gorgeous 0.05 carat solitaire diamond. The ring also features a polished junction across a satin brushed exterior which meets at the small diamond. This is a great promist ring to match a woman's if her's also has a small diamond within it. It can be a great idea to get two bands with diamonds of a matching size.

promise rings for men Flat Band

Flat Band

This is a great option for men who are looking for a durable and sturdy promise ring. It’s a simple alternative to the classic dome. It has a flat and uniformed edge that extends around the band., making it easy to wear and have on everyday.

Women's Promise Rings

promise rings for her Classic Low Dome Women's Band

Classic Low Dome Women's Band

This promise ring is very classic. It has a high polish domed finish, and this look makes it very timeless and a great option for any woman. It can be engraved with names, initials, or dates to add even more meaning to it.

promise rings for her Curved Pave Diamond Women's Band

Curved Pave Diamond Women's Band

For women who want something more flashy and exquisite, this promise ring is the perfect option. It features six larger pave diamonds that are curved on the top of the ring. It also has gorgeous accent side stones.

promise rings for her Four Star Diamond Band

Four Star Diamond Band

This promise ring has four hand selected diamonds as the main attraction. They are channeled and prong set, while being accented by 0.29 carats of diamonds. It is the perfect highlighted promise ring that will always be cherished and can be worn for years to come.

promise rings for her elevated princess diamond band

Elevated Princess Diamond Band

This promise ring will definitely make any woman wearing it feel like royalty. It has four pave princess cut diamonds that are accented by beautiful channel set side stones.

Promise rings are a beautiful way to celebrate all the moments in relationship. Whether you're waiting to take the next big step of you simply want to show each other how much you care, a promise ring can make the upcoming moments in your relationship even more special.

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