A Guide to Diamond Promise Ring Styles

Although you are no doubt familiar with engagement rings, you may not fully understand the purpose behind the less celebrated promise ring. If you find yourself in a stage between the commitment of an engagement but moving beyond a casual stage of dating, you may find a promise ring to be exactly the correct symbol of the space within which you and your love find yourselves.

A promise ring, though often associated with the young, is simply a physical symbol of the commitment between two people. A promise ring is basically like a right of passage for a blossoming relationship. It lets the world know that your heart is taken and that you are one-half of a committed and exclusive relationship. Promise rings have also become a symbol of commitment for individuals who, for whatever personal reason, don’t intend to marry. For these people, a promise ring is a comfortable way of indicating to the world their participation in a loving long-term relationship.

If you find yourself looking at promise rings, you will quickly see the difference between the style of ring you are looking at and a traditional engagement ring. A promise ring is generally less flashy than an engagement ring. While many people look for a glamorously striking ring like the image produced by a large diamond engagement ring or a halo set diamond engagement ring, the style most typically identified with a promise ring is a fairly simple solitaire ring.

How do Promise Rings Differ From Engagement Rings?

Unlike traditional engagement rings that generally feature a grand sparkly singular diamond or a series of diamonds, a promise ring is generally simpler and may feature smaller less flashy diamonds and/or colored accent stones. A promise ring is likely to feature a fairly small diamond set within a number of smaller accent stones.

Just as the design of an engagement ring can be symbolic in itself, so can the design of your promise ring. For example just as with an engagement ring the use of a three-stone design is used to signify the past, present, and future and represents your undying love.

Metal Choices for Promise Rings

Just as with any jewelry purchase, you will find a number of metal choices when you go to buy a promise ring. Two of the most popular metal options for promise rings are white and rose gold. As a more cost effective alternative to platinum, white gold is a frequent favorite. This metal has a contemporary appeal and fits many women’s sense of style. If however, you are interested in something a bit more unique, you may find rose gold an engaging option. The pinkish tint of a rose gold setting imbues a promise ring with a romantic feeling that is particularly engaging for those who are fond of more traditional jewelry.

Of course, if your partner has a sensitivity to any metal, you should take this into consideration when selecting your promise ring. You should also consider your partner’s personal preference in metals. You will find that some women prefer yellow to white gold due to the way it enhances their skin tones.

Lab vs Natural Diamonds in Promise Rings

As with engagement rings, many people today are choosing lab-created diamonds rather than natural mined diamonds due to both price and the ethical considerations associated with purchasing a natural diamond. Again, consider your partner’s feelings regarding real vs lab diamonds when you are choosing your promise ring. If your partner is adamant that mined diamonds are more environmentally friendly, a lab diamond is a wise choice. Whereas if your partner prefers their diamond steeped in tradition, a natural diamond would be the right choice.

Certification & Quality

As with any jewelry purchase, you are going to want to feel confident with the manufacturer of your promise ring. Although you will generally spend significantly less for a promise ring than you will for an engagement ring, you are making an investment in this gift. So, it is important that you consider the reputation of the jewelry brand you are buying. You will want to understand the manufacturer’s/seller’s return policy. You will also want to ensure that any diamonds you purchase, real or lab created have been certified by a renowned institute. Here you will be looking for GIA or IGI certifications.


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