A Guide to Tennis necklaces

Tennis necklaces are highly versatile pieces of jewelry. These chains stylishly elevate your outfit to another realm. Whether you are spotting a t-shirt, a suit, or a wedding dress, they are the perfect luxurious statement piece.

What is a Tennis Necklace?

Tennis necklaces are made from individually set gemstones, flexibly linked by prong, claw, or channel. This process creates a fluid and smooth piece of jewelry with the necklace flowing gracefully around the neck. They also go by other names like an eternity or rivière necklaces.

Tennis necklaces are a timeless design. The original design from the 18th century had gemstones like amethyst. Nowadays, natural or lab-grown diamonds are used. The diamond tennis necklaces lay smoothly on the chest. They conform to all of your movements without feeling clunky or out of place.

If you wonder if the name has any connection with tennis bracelets, you are right. An incident during the 1978 US Open birthed the term Tennis bracelet. Tennis star Chris Evert wore a flexible diamond bracelet. During the match, She threw it from her wrist during a swing. She called a timeout and refused to continue until they found the bracelet. Since then, "Tennis" has been colloquially used to describe jewelry made in this style.

Design and Style

The style of a tennis necklace depends on the setting used to secure the diamonds. Setting refers to the technique by which the individual diamonds were held together. Ranging from:

● Prong: the most popular option because it highlights the brilliance of the diamonds.

● Channel: the diamonds are arranged in a line secured on the sides.

● Bezel: holds the diamonds more securely, although they may minimize the sparkle of the rocks.

The design you choose depends on your personality. If you want an elegant look, the traditional is the best choice. It is made from diamonds of equal sizes, creating a balance around the whole piece. However, if you feel bold and contemporary, a graduating style might be perfect. It starts with a bigger centerpiece of diamonds flanked by progressively smaller diamonds.


Diamonds are the classic choice for a tennis necklace. The most important factor in a traditional tennis necklace is uniformity. The diamonds used are similar in carats, cut, and clarity.

Both lab and natural diamonds can be used in Rivière necklaces. However, sourcing this number of natural diamonds with the same consistency is hard. This rarity and other factors make the prices of tennis necklaces from natural diamonds quite expensive.

On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds can be created with such consistency. This fact makes them a great alternative to natural diamonds. Also, the pieces made from these diamonds are generally cheaper, about 50% the cost of natural diamonds. Therefore, you should consider this if you are looking for the best value for money. Besides, lab-grown and natural diamonds are both optically and chemically; the only difference is the source.


When it comes to the length, rivière necklaces gravitate towards the neckline. The most popular length options are 16" and 18". However, you should consider your neck size before buying one. It is best to visit the store to test it out or use a vendor with home preview services.

Contemporary Styles

In recent years, jewelers have upgraded to the original classic look of these chains. Traditional tennis necklaces used round diamonds set with four prongs. Altering the number of prongs is now being used to change the outline of the prongs. This creates an illusion of fancy shapes like triangular or heart-shaped diamonds.

When round diamonds are set with three prongs, they give an illusion of a triangular shape. This illusion is strengthened by how the diamond's body hangs beneath the strand.

Factors that Determine the Cost of a Tennis Necklace

A tennis necklace costs a pretty penny. However, the prices also widely vary depending on several factors.

Base Metal

Platinum, white gold, and yellow gold are some of the popular choices. Although platinum is the most expensive of the precious metals, a diamond tennis chain made from it costs more than one made from gold. White gold is also a popular choice because it offers a similar sheen to platinum at a lower price.

Higher carats of gold also command more dollars. For example, an 18k or 22k gold tennis chain is more expensive than a 14k gold chain.

The number and type of diamonds used

Accurately, the number of diamonds in a tennis necklace predicts the price. A longer chain uses more diamonds. Also, tennis necklaces embellished with earth-mined diamonds will be more expensive than lab diamonds.

Number of chains

Graduating style, one of the contemporary styles of tennis diamond, also commands a premium price. It uses more than one chain, translating to more diamonds encrusted on the link.

A Few Tips Before You Purchase a Tennis Necklace

● If you're a price-conscious buyer or not ready to invest in a tennis necklace with a higher diamond grade, then consider opting for tennis necklaces with cubic zirconia stones

● A tennis diamond is a statement piece reserved for places like the red carpet or on bridal gowns. It should not be wasted on a mundane outfit to run errands.

● Trust is an important factor when transacting in diamonds. Therefore, choose a reputable brand with easy return policies if something goes wrong with the product.

● Before purchasing any diamond online, make sure they are certified by renowned gemologist institutes like GIA and IGI.

● Keep your diamond tennis necklace away from other jewelry to avoid scratches.

● Please keep it in its original box or a fabric-lined jewelry case.

● To shine forever, clean your chain often with a jewelry cleaner and have it professionally cleaned and polished fortnightly.

Tennis necklaces are stylish statement pieces of jewelry best reserved for those occasions when you want to elevate your outfit. They are also versatile enough to be pulled off both on a dress shirt and a t-shirt. No wonder they have remained a timeless luxury for decades. Browse through our amazing collections to select a necklace that fits your style.


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