Top Diamond Pendant Necklaces

While pendant necklaces may seem self-explanatory, there is actually a distinct difference between a necklace and pendant. Necklace is the umbrella term for any type of jewelry that is worn around the neck while a pendant is a specific type of necklace that features a charm that hangs from the metal chain of the necklace. This charm can be anything from diamonds to gemstones, in either solitaire or cluster forms.

Diamond pendant necklaces come in a variety of styles such as solitaire, halo, classic, and contemporary.

Diamond solitaire pendant necklaces consist of a single gemstone held on a precious metal chain and are available in a single or double bail. Single bail styles secure the pendant with a single metal fastener while double bail styles feature two metal hoops. While gemstones for solitaire pendants can come in a variety of shapes, the most common cuts are round, princess, cushion and oval.

While the diamond solitaire pendant necklace is perfect for someone searching for a dainty and delicate addition to their collection, the diamond halo pendant necklace calls a bit more attention. Diamond halo pendant necklaces feature a single central gemstone--most popularly round, oval, cushion and princess cuts--surrounded by smaller gems. If you can’t decide between a gemstone or diamond necklace, diamond halo pendant necklaces allow you to have both. Popular diamond halo pendant necklaces feature a center gemstone with a halo of smaller accent diamonds and are a great option for those looking for a larger pendant. More modern diamond halo pendant necklaces styles feature various diamond shaped designs that surround the center gem.

Diamond Pendant Styles

Outside of the specific solitaire and halo diamond necklace pendant styles, classic necklace styles encompass a broader range of gemstone and diamond pendant necklace designs that are loved by many. These necklaces include designs such as hearts, keys, clusters, and journey pendants that have come to represent specific occasions and milestones. For example, heart, love knot, and key shaped designs incorporating rubies and diamonds are popular choices for Valentine's Day while journey and infinity gemstone and diamond pendant necklaces are often chosen for anniversaries because of their representation of the infinite journey of a couple’s love.

In addition to the traditional diamond necklace pendant styles, contemporary styles encompass newer designs that are popular for women of all ages. They can include spirals, interlocking circles, and other modern gemstone and diamond pendant necklace designs that incorporate intricate metalwork with gemstone accents.

When purchasing a diamond necklace pendant, consider important factors such as size, quality, usability, shape, and design. While factors such as size and quality may be determined by budget, certain designs--such as halo pendants--are great choices when looking for a larger piece. When considering usability and shape, keep in mind the cut of your gemstones or diamonds. Round cuts are often more durable because they do not have sharp corners that can chip and become caught on fabric. But when it comes to factors such as design, always trust your personal taste.

Diamond necklaces are a gorgeous choice to celebrate any special day or to wear everyday.

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