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A Guide to Men's Diamond Wedding Bands

Taking it back to the "good ole days," men used to wear jewelry all the time. In fact, they wore jewelry more than women did during royalty time. It was worn as a sign of wealth so that men would flaunt their diamonds and gemstones on the daily. Later on, men started to associate diamonds with their betrothed lover. They would create a ring as a promise for a long commitment and a celebration of their union. In today's age, the purity and sparkle of the diamond still signify the man's true feelings and dedication to his lover. Add personality to wedding bands with alternative finished, metals and uneven engravings.

Men’s Diamond Rings in History

In short, men have been wearing wedding bands for years.

Bridal rings have been first used as a means of purchase or ownership. Until the 20th century, and WWI and II, men didn't wear any wedding rings. This changed when men were shipped overseas to potentially never come back, and they wanted something that would help them remember the love they have back home while on the warfront. However, the idea of a wedding ring still did not catch on too much, that is, until the early 2000s.

A jeweler in Great Britain designed a ring made up of titanium. This ring was marketed with small diamonds embedded in it. Nowadays, men have said they would consider wearing an engagement ring, one with diamonds in it if their partner popped the question.

Popular Diamond Patterns For Men's Wedding Bands

There really is no specific rule as to what shapes and ways you can set diamonds into a man's wedding band. A few popular methods are a single diamond, also called solitaire, and a row of diamonds. As you might suspect, the more diamonds used in your band, the more expensive the ring will likely cost. Some men may even enjoy wearing a diamond set promise band or ring.

Men's Diamond Wedding Bands With Clarity

popular engagement rings open cathedral diamond

Brushed Center Milgrain Diamond Wedding Band

A low gloss brushed finish with center milgraining highlight a 0.04 ct solitaire diamond in this wedding band.

popular engagement rings open cathedral diamond

Satin Princess Diamond Men's Wedding Band

This men's wedding band features eight 0.2 cts diamonds that are embellished in a satin top finish.

popular engagement rings open cathedral diamond

Channel Set and Milgrained Diamond Wedding Band

With 0.5 cts of illuminating channel set diamonds, subtle milgrain edging resonates in this enduring wedding band.

popular engagement rings open cathedral diamond

Channel Set Men's Wedding Band

1.25 cts of channel set diamonds are featured in this statement men's wedding band.

The Various Types of Metals for Men's Wedding Bands

The most popular metals for men's wedding bands are gold, platinum, palladium, tungsten, titanium. Each metal has its strengths and weaknesses, so choosing the ideal metal type depends on your man's personality and lifestyle.

Gold is excellent for someone who loves a classic look. Gold gives off a soft glow that is noticeable but understated.

Platinum is the most prevalent metal used in wedding bands nowadays because of its sophisticated elements and hypoallergenic character. But because platinum is a rare element found within the Earth's crust, there is another solid and durable element that seriously resembles it, palladium, which is much easier to find.

Tungsten and titanium are considered alternative metals to the classic gold and silver metals. Because of their strength and durability, these alternative metals are an excellent option for guys who already wear rings or other modern jewelry.

The Best Metal White gold is probably the most popular ring for men, but it contains nickel. Many people are allergic to nickel, so if you are, get a different type of ring. Rose gold is increasing in popularity for its rosy and champagne hue. This is from mixing pure gold and copper.

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