14k Rose Gold Emerald Engagement Rings

Both emerald cut diamonds and 14k rose gold are seeing a surge in popularity, but we think this combination has true lasting power and can create a timeless ring she'll adore as much decades later as she will when you first propose. That's because emerald cut engagement rings in 14k rose gold play to the strengths of both the diamond shape and the precious metal.

The open facets of the emerald diamond allow that signature warm glow from this precious metal to shine, making people lean in to admire both. And that's something you'll find with all of our settings. Here at With Clarity, you have a wide range of emerald cut diamond engagement rings in 14k rose gold to choose from. We have simple settings that draw you in with the tiny details and bold rings that break with tradition and celebrate unique looks. Because ultimately it doesn't come down to popularity. It comes down to what she loves and what she'll love to wear. And we know you'll find that setting in our collection.

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