14k Rose Gold Oval Engagement Rings

Engagement rings, like anything else, follow trends. Oval diamonds have seen a surge in popularity lately, as have 14k rose gold engagement ring settings. But that doesn't mean a 14k rose gold oval engagement ring is sure to go out of style. In fact, we think there's plenty about this combination that's truly timeless.

That's because 14k rose gold oval diamond rings have two amazing things going for them: the shape of the diamond, and the symbolism behind this precious metal. Oval cut diamonds are undeniably striking, but something magical happens when you slide one on your finger. Thanks to their elongated shape, they make your hands and fingers look longer and leaner.

And then there's the gold. Although all of our precious metal are striking, only rose gold symbolizes romantic love making it a pretty great choice for a ring that stands in for your lifelong commitment to each other. With those things going for them, 14k rose gold oval diamond engagement rings are more likely to get handed down to the next generation than ever considered out of style.

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