18k Rose Gold Engagement Rings

When people think about rose gold, they understandably think pink. But that’s a common misconception. This precious metal is more complex than that, just like the special person who stole your heart. Our collection of 18k rose gold engagement rings has everything from twisted bands to cathedral settings, so you can find the glass slipper of engagement rings. But what you should expect color-wise from our 18k rose gold diamond rings is not the pink hue you might have in mind.

Rose gold is made with gold and copper alloy. But 14k, since it contains less gold, uses more of this alloy, giving it that deeper pink color. Our 18k rose gold diamond engagement rings use less of this alloy. Learn more in our Rose Gold Buying Guide. The result is a gorgeous rosy yellow that will remind you of champagne.

We love how this slight color difference allows the focus to be more on the subtle warm glow the metal brings to your entire ring, and less about that vivid pink. But the right choice for her is about that and only that: the right choice for her. Get some inspiration with these Rose Gold Engagement Rings that Balance Beauty and Budget.

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