18k White Gold Engagement Rings

You can think of 14k and 18k white gold as brothers, or maybe sisters. 14k is the showy one with its icy white glow. Your other option, 18k white gold is less flashy but still stunning. So why opt for an 18k white gold engagement ring? Simple: it puts your gorgeous center white diamond on display to its fullest. Need some simple white gold engagement ring inspiration? Top Simple White Gold Engagement Rings

This metal, though it shines wonderfully, will never steal the show. Both 14k and 18k white gold are covered in a rhodium plating. Though this does wear away over time, With Clarity offers free dipping of white gold engagement rings to keep their shine going strong for years to come. But that plating also means that there's very little difference in durability between the two precious metal options.

So what you're truly deciding on here is looks. We love the slightly less white tint of 18k white gold diamond engagement rings. The diamond is always the star of the setting, and you might just find that this sister is a little happier providing backup to a gorgeous gemstone.

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