Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

The marquise diamond was created to mimic a smile. And that's exactly what you'll get when you present your spouse-to-be with a marquise cut engagement ring. You might not have ever seen these rings in person since marquise diamond engagement rings are quite rare. Learn about the origin of marquise diamond shapes: Marquise Diamond Cut Guide.

There are, of course, special considerations that come from marquise cut diamond engagement rings because of the stone's signature dramatic points. Though this diamond is dramatic, it pairs well with a wide range of styles of settings for marquise diamond rings, which you'll find here: Daring Marquise Engagement Rings for the Bold.

Every setting offered here at With Clarity is crafted with precision and care to make sure your center stone is secure, and those points are maintained at absolute perfection. If we have only one suggestion, it's to consider a non-traditional spin on marquise diamond rings. You'll find in our collection, a setting that rotates your stone in an east-west mounting so the points line up with the band. It's a completely new take on this striking diamond.

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