14k White Gold Halo Engagement Rings

One of the main reasons people opt for a 14k white gold setting is the precious metal's ability to blend in with the diamonds on your engagement ring. From far away this can create the illusion, depending on how many accent stones your ring has, that the entire thing is made up of glittering gemstones. And we think that it looks particularly striking as a 14k white gold halo engagement ring because it perfects the appearance that your center stone has a glistening halo floating around it.

But you don't find just one look in this collection. Our 14k white gold halo rings come in many styles, from double halo rings to nature-inspired engagement rings with floral halos. Some have plain shanks for a sleek chic look, while others cover an entire split shank with accent diamonds. We wanted to cover all possibilities so that you never felt like you were settling for anything less than the perfect ring.

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