14k Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Rings

We think halo engagement rings and 14k rose gold are a natural pairing — they make sense together and there's also something floral about them teaming up. Although all halo settings are vaguely reminiscent of a flower blooming (with a brilliant diamond at the center), some of our styles lean into this connection, while others offer only a hint. But whether you're here for nature-inspired engagement rings or a simple classic halo diamond ring, you'll find it here at With Clarity.

A 14k rose gold setting adds an additional layer of romance to what we would argue is the most passionate purchase of your life. This precious metal is the only one said to symbolize romantic love, and it certainly looks pretty enough to be a color for a garden full of flowers. Browse through our collection and you're sure to find the one for her. Just make sure you also check out the profiles of these rings since there are some hidden halos in their ranks.

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