14k Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Rings

Just as a closet full of little black dresses can be overflowing with variety, so too does our collection of solitaire settings cover a wide range of tastes and styles. We set out to create traditional engagement rings that didn't feel like what you've seen on countless other people, and that's what you'll find here. Each of our solitaire engagement rings is designed and crafted with care, with the unique and beautiful bride-to-be in mind.

Choosing a 14k yellow gold setting lets you nod to the past with its old-fashioned elegance, but it's also a timeless selection. You'll love the just-warm-enough glow as much in 30 years as you do the first day she slips it on her finger. And these solitaire diamond rings in 14k yellow gold just might become your new family's heirloom that gets handed down to the next generation. We're biased, but we do believe they're that beautiful.

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