Platinum Solitaire Engagement Rings

A timeless design and a timeless precious metal make a perfect team, just like the two of you. But that doesn't mean the setting you choose needs to look like every other platinum solitaire engagement ring on the market. We took the time to design a wide range of solitaire settings, even though the differences in some are more subtle than stand-out, so that she could feel like her ring is hers and hers alone. And with a platinum setting it's a forever and for always deal since this precious metal is known for its fantastic durability.

But you should know it's also a good looking choice as well as a sensible one. Platinum has that same icy glow that people love in white gold. It matches almost everything in anyone closet, and it draws the eye right to the center stone on a solitaire diamond ring. But, unlike gold, platinum only moves when scratched instead of losing material. That means in order to restore your solitaire to its original luster, all you'll ever need to do is have it polished.

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