14k White Gold Three Stone Engagement Rings

Some people think you should keep your three stone engagement rings in the same diamond family: brilliant cuts with other brilliant cuts, step-cut diamonds with baguette side stones. We don't know where you fall in this debate, but we do know one thing that always plays nice with three stone diamond rings, no matter the diamonds involved: a 14k white gold setting. Thanks to its universally pleasing color and signature shine, this precious metal blends in with the diamonds you pick as well as her entire closet.

So instead of worrying about whether the setting will match her style, you can focus on pairing those diamonds. And we've crafted three stone engagement rings in 14k white gold in a range of styles and cut combinations to help you find the one that's just right. You'll find three stone rings with baguette sides stones, but also settings with brilliant cuts like smaller round diamonds and even pear shaped stones. We've done the planning so all you have to do is pick.

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