14kt White Gold Gemstone Rings

These days, few things are as classic as the white gold gemstone ring. 14kt gold is durable because it is relatively resistant to scratching. For that reason, it is a common choice for engagement rings or anything else that will be worn frequently. White gold allows jewelers to accent the shade of colored gemstones, while also showcasing the whiteness of diamonds. Often, custom gemstone rings are made with a large center stone and one or more diamonds, offering the best of both worlds. However, more affordable gemstone rings may have nothing but a single stone. Try a large, inexpensive stone to make a statement, or select something dainty for stacking.

Coming up against a relationship milestone and want something special? You might design your gemstone ring featuring our wide variety of stones. Alternatively, design a ruby gemstone ring to serve as an engagement ring or anniversary gift. Ruby rings make the wearer feel like royalty, and rubies are easy to wear for a lifetime. Another timeless option is the sapphire gemstone ring, either with or without diamonds. Blue sapphires are commonly set in 14kt white gold because it is durable and lets the sapphire color shine through.

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