14kt Yellow Gold Gemstone Rings

One of the oldest forms of fine jewelry is the yellow gold ring. While 14k yellow gold is a more recent development, there are many vintage gemstone rings that feature this metal. 14k yellow gold is often chosen for its superior durability and scratch resistance versus higher carat alloys. If you are looking for something very classic, think about a yellow gold ruby ring. Especially without diamonds, the yellow gold color enhances the rich red of your gemstones. In more recent years, the yellow gold aquamarine ring has become fashionable. Darker aquamarines, although expensive, are beautifully enhanced by yellow gold.

Less popular, but still lovely, are yellow gold engagement rings. Because engagement rings are usually made with a large diamond, yellow gold has become less common for this use. However, the yellow gold sapphire ring given by Prince William of the UK to his future bride is a magnificent example. A huge center sapphire is complemented both by the diamond halo and yellow gold setting. Among yellow gold oval engagement rings, this is among the most impressive.

Fortunately, you don't have to be rich to gift a yellow gold diamond ring. Using yellow gold is a great way to complement a diamond that has a lower color grade. This is because the richness of yellow gold makes a yellowish tint to a stone less obvious. This way, you can get away with a bigger, less white diamond set as a yellow gold solitaire engagement ring. It's truly the best of both worlds.

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