Jewelry Education

Explore our diamond, engagement ring and gemstone education sections for expert gemologist advice so you can make the perfect selection. Get tips on pricing, style, the 4 C’s (carat, cut, color and clarity) and beyond to make the most of your shopping experience with any online or in store jeweler.

Diamond Education

Diamonds are the rarest and most valuable natural gemstone. With so many characteristics and attributes, diamond buying can be a difficult task. Browse our educational content guides on each major diamond topic to understand the nuances of buying a diamond. Learn the 4 C’s of diamonds and beyond so you can shop like an expert and get the most value and transparency.

Gemstone Education

Diamonds and other precious colored gemstones have unique quality that make them the ultimate symbols of lifelong relationships. Buying a gemstone is an important emotional and financial decision. Ensure you purchase the right gemstone by using With Clarity’s Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond guides. Learn about pricing, selection, quality and value.


Rubies are naturally a passionate red hue. Pairing beautifully with diamonds and all colors of precious metal, rubies are a striking choice. Ruby is the perfect gemstone for anniversaries, engagements and any other gifting occasion. This timeless color is perfect for crafting jewelry that will be forever beautiful.

Ruby Guide


Vibrant and lively green emeralds are a popular gemstone for jewelry. The unforgettable lush green of the emerald is unlike any other gemstone. Emeralds pair beautifully with diamonds for jewelry and look great with all colors of precious metal.

Emerald Guide


Rich in sparkle and a deep blue hue, sapphires are the perfect balance of beauty. After diamonds sapphires are the most popular gemstones for engagement rings. Their versatile blue color also makes them a great choice for everyday jewelry or a stunning gift.

Sapphire Guide


Diamonds are an eternally favorite gem. Their sparkle, durability and value is unmatched by any other gemstone. With fiery sparkle in 9 different shapes, diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings and jewelry. At With Clarity, you’ll find the ideal diamond to which she’ll say yes! Learn more about this gemstone..

Diamond Guide

Engagement Ring Education

Engagement rings are the first commitment you make to your love one that represents a lifelong bond. Buying an engagement ring can be made simpler by following With Clarityd objective advice toward selection the right style and diamond/gemstone, whether online or in store. Our guides are crafted by certified gemologists, leveraging over 100 years of collective experience, with your shopping experience in mind.

Ring Buying Guide

double halo pave set diamond ring for a cushion cut diamond

Read our expert gemologist tips on buying an engagement ring and learn the steps in the shopping process to make the best selection with confidence and surety.

Ring Guide

Search Diamonds

loose diamond shapes including round, pear, emerald, oval, asscher, princess, marquise and radiant

Browse With Clarity’s inventory of over 125,000 diamonds of a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and qualities. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect diamond at the right price.

Search Diamonds

Metal Education

14kt yellow gold metal dome 2mm wedding band

Metal is an important characteristic of the perfect ring. Learn the differences between the durability, shine and finish of With Clarity’s metal selection options.

Metal Guide

Craft A Ring

craft a solitaire diamond engagement ring with white gold and six prongs

Craft the ideal engagement ring that’s uniquely her. Our easy to use shopping experience let’s you customize the ring to make a special proposal for which she’ll say yes.

Craft Guide

Jewelry Education

Jewelry is one of the most traditional and symbolic commitments of love, affection and friendship. By use of rare minerals, precious metals, fine gemstones and expert craftmanship, there is no more personal way to show your commitment. Let our jewelry guides on necklaces, rings and earrings be your expert advice on selecting and purchasing the best gift. Our expert gemologists have compiled invaluable tips and guidance to help you wow your significant other and provide you the greatest value from your purchase and shopping experience.

Earrings Guide

Earrings are a timeless, thoughtful gift that leaves a lasting impression. They’re the most commonly worn jewelry type so use our guides to learn about the best style for her preference.

Earrings Guide

Necklace Guide

Diamond & gemstone necklaces make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion. Check out our guides to learn about necklace types, styles, gemstones to find the right gift today.

Necklace Guide