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Loose Diamond Education

Diamonds are the rarest and most valuable natural gemstone. Many factors contribute to their rarity and value so buying a loose diamond can be difficult. Browse our educational content guides on each major diamond topic to understand the nuances of buying a loose diamond. Learn the 4 C’s of diamonds and beyond so you can shop like an expert and get the most value and transparency.

Buying Loose Diamonds

Buying diamonds loose give you the opportunity to inspect your diamond prior to setting in jewelry. When diamonds are mounted, it can be difficult to identify color or clarity characteristics. For expert gemologist advice on buying loose diamonds, call us at (844) 234-6463. Buying a loose diamond allows you to choose the exact quality and size specifications that match your budget and price range. If a diamond is preset, you may be limited in your selection options. Loose diamonds allow for unique and truly custom jewelry. There are also substantial price savings with loose diamonds. You can compare prices easily and buy the diamond that optimizes value.

Buying a loose diamond online is easy. Use With Clarity's loose diamond search tools to narrow your selection criteria for the perfect size, quality and price. All loose diamond purchases come with the original GIA diamond grading report (GIA certificate). Loose diamonds are typically between 30% - 40% less expensive than retail stores and other brick and mortar locations. With over 120,000 options to choose from, you're bound to find that perfect diamond at the right price.

We recommend the following tips for loose diamonds:

  • Choose diamonds with GIA laboratory graded reports. This way you can match the exact quality to price and know how genuine it is.
  • Choose the right jeweler, someone with a strong reputation that is trustworthy. You want to make sure you purchase only conflict free diamonds.
  • Be sure to balance the 4 Cs of diamonds so the diamond has the right combination of size and quality. This will maximize value and diamond sparkle or brilliance.

Diamond Pricing

Diamond pricing is complex. Diamond pricing increases exponentially as the quality and rarity increase. Let us help you find the ideal diamond for your budget.

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Search over 125,000 loose diamonds to find the optimal blend of quality, value and pricing. Our search makes it easy to find the perfect diamond for any occasion.

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Craft the perfect engagement ring that is uniquely her. Our online ring crafting experience lets you customize your ring with any diamond and metal of your liking.

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Loose Diamond Certification

Once a diamond is cut and manufactured from its rough form, it is submitted for certification to reputable labs such as GIA. This certificate is the diamond's blueprint. It identifies it's quality and size with high accuracy and functions as your diamond identification report. Some of the key characteristics mentioned on these reports includes, carat, color, cut, clarity, measurements, polish, symmetry, girdle, culet and fluorescence. Therefore, you can purchase with confidence because you know exactly the characteristics that set the price and value for your diamond.


Caring For Diamonds

While diamond's are considered the hardest substance in the world, they do require additional care to preserve their faceting and overall sparkle. With Clarity offers complimentary lifetime cleaning to restore your jewelry to it's original shine.

Cleaning Loose Diamonds

  • Polish clothes are a great way to remove excess oils that stick to diamond surfaces. They cleanly wipe away common skin oils that dull a diamond's sparkle.
  • Mild soap and warm water are highly effective at cleaning away dirt and grime that sticks to the loose diamond's surface. Use a gentle toothbrush to shake loose dirt in set jewelry.
  • If you find damaged diamonds or if your stone has come loose, never clean it. Simply send it back to With Clarity, we'll tighten and clean for you. Cleanings are recommended by professional jewelers about once a year.

Wearing Diamonds

  • Carefully remove and store diamond jewelry when cleaning, exercising or engaging in physical or strenuous activity. Jewelry is delicate and exposed diamonds can chip or break.
  • Do not apply makeup or strong solutions with jewelry on. Metal can be damaged in the process. This includes wearing when entering a pool or spa with strong chemicals.
  • If you find damaged diamonds or if your stone has come loose, never clean it. Simply send it back to With Clarity, we'll tighten and clean for you. Cleanings are recommended by professional jewelers about once a year.