Diamond Necklaces

When you think about the word necklace, what comes to mind? It might be your grandmother’s pearls or the matching set you shared with your best friend. Maybe you have a string of sparkling beads that are worn on a special occasion. Or, the plain gold chain that complements your favorite work outfit. Of course, there are many different kinds of necklaces available. These are just a few examples. Besides being heirlooms or treats bought for oneself, necklaces make great gifts. If you want to treat your sweetheart to something special, you might consider a diamond necklace. These can be large with a whole string of diamonds, or as a simple solitaire pendant. Honestly, the options are limited by your imagination. Want something that looks expensive but isn’t? Choose lab diamonds to save money (Know about our Top 5 Lab Grown Necklaces) or ask us about a custom necklace. Our gemologists will ask you questions about the person who will wear this diamond necklace. Alternatively, a custom necklace can incorporate other gemstones. We can help you create the best gift for the right price, contact us.

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