Contemporary Diamond Necklaces

These days, many people are moving away from the standard designs in favor of contemporary necklaces. After all, standard designs have been made for so long that a large number of people have one in their jewelry collections. Fortunately, jewelry designers are always finding new ways to fashion precious metals and stones into jewelry. One of these designs is the infinity necklace. As the name suggests, an infinity necklace is a pendant shaped into an infinity symbol. Some even come in a modified two heart shape for Valentine's day. They often have a chain attached in two places, though some do slide. Typically, you can get an infinity necklace in both diamonds and colored gemstones.

Another contemporary option is the circle necklace. While the simple circle has been around a while, it is still a look for the younger generation. With such a basic design, these can go with just about any outfit. They are available in a wide variety of carat weights to fit many budgets. For an ultra-modern look, check out the interlocking circle necklace. These have a small number of stones, but they mostly showcase clean curves in the gold color she prefers. Read more about our diamond pendant necklace collections.

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