Lumina Preset Engagement Rings

Classic, timeless, and easy to love, our Lumina collection of preset engagement rings is designed with thought. Crafted to last, each 14kt gold band is studded with your choice of natural or lab grown diamonds that are ethically sourced, certified, and handpicked for quality. With only the purest quality of 14kt gold, our handcrafted rings will not corrode, tarnish or rust over time. 3D rendered and laser set for perfection, our rings come with a lifetime guarantee. The accent diamonds on each band lend an element of elegance to the ring, because that's what Lumina is all about. Warm, traditional yet contemporary and radiant, all at the same time. With a focus on sleek designs that merge geometry with tradition and style, the rings in this collection will cater to the woman who loves chic simplicity. For those who love a clean look, our Unity lab diamond ring, Mesmerize lab diamond ring, and the Zeal lab diamond ring will offer a perfect choice in white gold. Our Exquisite lab diamond ring also offers a beautiful romance with a coiled rose gold band holding a princess diamond at the center. Adding a little more panache, designs like the Divina lab diamond ring, embrace lab diamond ring, Moderna lab diamond ring, and the Together lab diamond ring are great choices. We also have options in 14kt yellow gold. Preset and ready to go, customize your ring size, and add a special message to be engraved within the band. With free resizing upto 30 days of purchase and free gemologist consultation, all that's really left is for her to say yes!

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