14K Rose Gold Women's Wedding Bands

Wedding bands symbolize commitment and rose gold offers a durable way to showcase your romantic love. An alloy metal made with gold and copper, rose gold is a popular option owing to its pretty pink and unique look. While it's not as popular as white gold and yellow gold, it's a stunning choice for a wedding band. Our rose gold wedding bands are styled with a variety of finishes and looks ranging from a brushed matte, glossy or even a braided one to mimic your engagement ring. Our 14kt rose gold wedding bands do not tarnish, and offer an effortless intricacy in design with a color that will not wear off as you go about your daily life. At With Clarity, we have a matching wedding band for every engagement ring style. This ensures a perfect fit. 14kt gold looks radiant on its own and is also a great complement to accent diamonds if you choose to get an anniversary band or wedding band with accent diamonds.

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