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Halo Necklaces

A diamond halo pendant is a design that’ll forever be in vogue. It’s versatile enough to go with any outfit–whether casual or dressy–and it’ll look stunning. Halos feature a row of smaller diamonds that surround the center stone. They make your diamond necklace appear bigger and add a modern twist on a pendant necklace.

The shape of the diamond impacts the overall look of the halo necklace. You’ll see more than just round diamonds as halos. The pear diamond looks stunning in a halo setting–it’s modern, eye-catching, and timeless. The cushion and princess cut halos look similar, but the softer edges of the cushion stone give it a different look. The oval diamond is an elegant, classic look and will be a versatile piece in your jewelry collection. For an interesting design, consider the three-stone halo that features three stacked halos featuring varying sizes of round diamonds. Each stone represents the past, present, and future of your relationship (and it makes an amazing gift!).

You can customize each With Clarity halo necklace in various ways. Some necklaces let you choose the total carat weight for each one–varying from ½ carat to 2 ½ carats depending on the design. Some halo designs let you choose the metal as well, such as 14K yellow, rose, or white gold. The halo necklaces that don’t allow metal customization are set in 14K white gold.

With Clarity’s halo necklaces feature lab grown diamonds. They’re sustainable, ethically-sourced, and affordable. Lab diamonds give the same fire and sparkle as mined diamonds because they have the same chemical composition, optical properties, and physical features. They’re “real” diamonds without the price tag. The only difference between the two is one is mined from the earth and the other is created in a lab.

Halo necklaces can be dressed up or down depending on your other accessories. For a night out, pair your necklace with additional jewelry, such as a diamond ring, tennis bracelet and either halo studs or dangling earrings. For a more casual look, pair your necklace with a simple pair of solitaire studs.

A diamond halo necklace makes an unforgettable gift for all occasions, such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation or holidays. Think of the look on your loved one’s face as they open a gorgeous halo necklace. And if you’re searching for the perfect gift for yourself, consider a glittering halo necklace. They look amazing and you’ll wear it all of your life because it’s timeless.


How are halo pendant necklaces different from regular diamond necklaces?

Halo pendants feature an additional row of diamonds around the center stone of the necklace. This provides additional sparkle and gives the necklace more “wow” power. You can find halo necklaces in a variety of diamond cuts, such as emerald, cushion, round, princess, oval, and pear. You can also find interesting halo necklaces that have stacked halos.

What types of diamonds are typically used in halo necklaces?

You’ll see halos of all types in halo necklaces, such as emerald, round, oval, pear, cushion, or princess. Each of these diamond cuts are surrounded by a halo of diamonds for additional brilliance and a unique look.

What is the difference between a halo necklace and a solitaire necklace?

A solitaire necklace has a single diamond center stone that is the focal point. For a halo necklace, it has a row of smaller diamonds that surround the center stone for extra scintillation and a modern spin. The halo design features more diamonds and sparkle, and the halo makes the center stone appear larger.

Are there any warranty or maintenance plans available for halo necklaces?

Contact us to discuss halo necklace repairs and what is covered under the lifetime warranty for your jewelry. We offer complimentary lifetime cleaning. We also provide complimentary replacement of stones under 0.10 carat each that are broken or lost during everyday wear and tear. Let us perform any repairs to keep your lifetime warranty intact and allow our trained jewelry experts to care for your sentimental pieces. Reach out with any questions and we will be happy to help.

Can I upgrade the center diamond in my halo pendant at a later date?

Upgrading the center diamond depends on how much bigger you’d like to go because you’ll need a larger halo for a bigger center stone. The row of diamonds needs to outline the center stone. You can always contact us to find out.

Can you help me with tips on pairing a halo necklace with other jewelry pieces?

Yes, we can definitely help! Halo necklaces are versatile pieces that easily go from day to night, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Consider a channel-set diamond ring, a tennis bracelet, and halo studs for a dreamy halo ensemble.

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