Styles & Significance of Channel Set Engagement Rings

Styles & Significance of Channel Set Engagement Rings
In a channel setting, it’s a great and secure way to set smaller diamonds in a row into the ring’s band. This makes a metal channel full of sparkling stones flush with the shank. The diamonds (or any gemstone of your choice) are set very closely together within the channel’s grooves. They can decorate just the sides of the band, or the entire band, it’s up to you. You can choose if you want the band to be full of diamonds, gemstones, or a mixture of both.

This setting does not contain any prongs. Therefore, it’s a very appealing option for those who want a secure and snag-free design.

For people who want a bit of extra sparkle and bling to something that was an otherwise plain setting, channel set engagement rings are absolutely perfect for them. You can choose whether you want the series of smaller diamonds to be placed in a short row with just a few small stones on the top half of the ring, or you can choose to have the small diamonds going in a complete circle, around the entirety of the ring.

Benefits of Channel Set Engagement Rings

The main benefit of this type of ring is security. If you think about it, the alternative to the channel setting for people who want to feature diamonds on the ring’s band is the pavé setting . Although this is beautiful setting too, it’s nowhere near as secure. In the pavé setting, the small diamonds are held secure and in place by tiny prongs. These prongs can be very fragile. They are also extremely prone to damage, especially if the ring isn't properly cared after. This leads to the small diamonds becoming loose, and they can potentially get lost too.

With the channel setting, this is something that you never have to worry about. The channel setting was made so that it holds the side stones extremely secure within the setting. This means you never have to worry about them becoming loose or falling off. It’s just an added security measurement and makes wearing the ring more comfortable when there’s one less thing to fret about.

Another benefit of the channel setting is protection. Similar to the bezel ring, rings that are channel set provide an immense amount of protection to the enclosed diamonds within the channel. The girdle of diamonds (which refers to their outer edge) has a reputation for being fragile. In this setting, the diamonds girdles are all protected by metal sides. This is a huge advantage because it prevents them from getting chipped or damaged.

Therefore, if you are looking for a ring that is safe and secure, a channel set engagement ring should definitely be on your list of considerations. The setting securely holds the center stone and is guaranteed to protect it from any damage that can normally be caused by outside forces.

One additional benefit of this ring setting is that it enhances the sparkle of the engagement ring. This is due to the side stones that are placed along the band. It’s very elegant and eye-catching.

Finally, channel set engagement rings allow you to achieve a sharp design, without having to sacrifice on any stability. Also, since the small diamonds are safely set within the band, and not on the outside with prongs, the ring is less likely to get caught on clothing or other materials.


Cons of a Channel Setting

The main con of a channel set engagement ring is that it takes a bit more effort to clean it. This is due to the fact that dirt can get trapped within the channels. However, if you take good care of your rings, and regularly clean it, this shouldn't be a factor that would prevent you from choosing this setting if you truly love it.

Something else that is important to mention with this setting is that to some people, they can feel like the diamonds are more “hidden” since they are set within the band. This is in comparison to the prong settings, where the diamonds are extremely visible and stick out. However, we have mentioned the potential dangers of prong settings above, so even though the diamonds might not be as out in the open with the channel setting, they are definitely more safe and secure.

Popularity of Channel Set Rings

Channel set rings are a very popular engagement ring choice. They also make great gifts for anniversaries. A diamond channel set ring is a very popular ring to gift on anniversaries, specifically 10 year marriage anniversaries. They are often called “eternity rings.” It’s common for a woman to be gifted an eternity ring, which consists of a diamond channel set all the way around the ring band, on her 10th year of marriage.

Overall, channel set engagement rings only seem to be getting increasingly popular.

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What is a channel set ring?

A channel set ring is a type of ring setting in which small diamonds are set inside a channel. This setting does not have any prongs and uses secure grooves to set small diamonds very closely together in a row. This setting is often used in wedding and anniversary bands.

Can you use lab diamonds for a channel set ring?

Yes, of course! Lab diamonds possess the same brilliance, beauty, and hardness as earth-mined diamonds, so they’re sure to be a great choice for a channel-set ring.

Are channel set rings in style?

Yes, they are in style and extremely popular. Channel set diamonds or gemstones when used on the entire width of the band, look extremely elegant and are often referred to as eternity rings.

What shape of accent diamonds are used in a channel set engagement ring?

You can choose any shape for the accent diamonds depending on your taste and style. The most popular options for a channel set engagement ring are round, baguette, trillion, and princess cut.

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