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'Pave & Micropave Diamond Engagement Rings'

Pave and Micro-Pave Diamond Engagement Rings

Coming from the French word for “paved,” the pave setting includes many accent diamonds closely set together to give the appearance that they are one long continuous diamond. Usually, the diamonds are so closely set on your engagement ring that the metal beneath them cannot be distinguished from the diamond; to help with this, most buyers pick white gold for their band in order to create minimal visibility of the metal prongs keeping the diamonds in place. Commonly, the pave setting may also be referred to as the bead setting, and if the paved stones are especially small (smaller than about .01 carats), the micro-pave setting. It has been within the past five years alone that the pave setting has become popular.

Pave set rings have one continuous shine, giving the wearer the illusion that the diamonds are more plentiful and bigger than they actually are. Additionally, the design of the ring is consistent, and therefore, all of the diamonds look as if they belong. This setting also allows for the center stone to be highlighted and exemplified through the sparkle of the side stones. The pave setting is also extremely flexible as it can be paired to create a modern or a vintage style engagement ring.

As with any style of ring, there are also some disadvantages to the pave setting. The pave setting is recommended for diamonds only, as fragile gems are not as protected in this setting. Additionally, the close pave setting makes sizing and resizing of the ring extremely difficult. Also with this setting, there is an increased chance of losing the side stones. When caring for the ring, it is important to remember that soaking a paved set engagement ring increases the likelihood of diamonds coming loose, and therefore, it is advised to take extra care when soaking a paved set engagement ring.

Most Popular Pave Engagement Rings

micropave and pave engagement rings Three Row Diamond

Three Row Diamond Engagement Ring

The Three Row Diamond Engagement Ring features three rows of pave set accent diamonds flanking both sides of the center diamond to showcase 60 diamonds. This pave set engagement ring displays an irresistible shine that is sure to wow the crowd.

micropave and pave engagement rings Edged

Pave Edged Diamond Ring

Pave Edged Diamond Engagement Ring: In similar fashion, the Pave Edged Diamond Engagement Ring looks nearly identical. However, instead of three rows of paved diamonds, this ring features two rows in a split shank fashion. This sparkly reconnection of the split shank emphasizes the shine of the center diamond.

micropave and pave engagement rings French Cut

French Cut Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

French cut is a variation on pave that you need to know about. In this type of pave settings, V-shaped cutouts are placed along the accent diamonds on your band to allow more light to enter the stones so they can shine to their most brilliant.

micropave and pave engagement rings Split Shank

Split Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Why decorate one thin band in accent diamonds when you can have two? That's what a split shank band offers you: more room for glistening stones, which only emphasize the beauty of your central diamond.

micropave and pave engagement rings Three Row Diamond Wedding Band

Micropave Three Row Diamond Wedding Band

The Micropave Three Row Diamond Wedding Band features three rows of diamonds on a metal band. Switching up the metals can make this ordinary band seem extraordinary. Imagine pairing this sparkly band with a rose gold micro-pave engagement ring to create an unbeatable combination. Paired with a cushion cut micro-pave engagement ring, the duo would be unstoppable.

micropave and pave engagement rings Three Row Micro

Three Row Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring

Another similar engagement ring to the first option is the Three Row Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring. This ring features three rows of paved diamonds flanking either side of the center stone. The only difference is that these diamonds are smaller which allows for a greater quantity, and therefore, greater shine.

micropave and pave engagement rings classic Bypass

Classic Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring

For a classic spin on the contemporary pave setting, the Classic Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring showcases rows of paved accent diamonds which twist around the center stone. For an even more modern and unique look, buyers should consider changing out the typical white gold metal for yellow or rose gold.

micropave and pave engagement rings Infinity Winding Diamond

Infinity Winding Diamond Engagement Ring

Finally, the Infinity Winding Diamond Engagement Ring is a cheaper option, but is similarly complex. It features a windy curve setting with pave set diamonds connecting to the center stone. This contemporary style showcases the sparkle of the accent diamonds while still accentuating the artwork within the shape of the metal.

Pave or micropave rings and bands are a classic choice that will never go out of style. It's the perfect fit for the woman that wants sparkle, shine and an evergreen look. This setting style is the perfect complement to any diamond or gemstone shape. Contact a memeber of our team if you need any help determining the best ring or band style for you.

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