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All About Ring Resizing

All About Ring Resizing

Ring resizing is exactly what it sounds like - getting your ring resized. Whether it’s too big or too small, there are many reasons why you might need to get your ring resized.

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Some common reasons why someone might get their ring resized is due to weight fluctuations. If you gain weight or lose weight, the band can become either too loose or too tight on your finger. Both of these things are damaging to the ring and can ruin it. Not to mention if it’s too loose you risk the chance of it falling off without you noticing it. It’s just not worth it to continue wearing a ring that isn’t properly fitted.

Another reason why someone might want a ring to be resized is because they want to wear the ring on a different finger. Another reason could just be that the ring was a gift and it doesn't fit properly. Whatever the reason is, ring resizing is nothing unusual and it can be done on most types of rings.

How Does Ring Resizing Work?

There are two ways to resize a ring - making it smaller, or making it larger. In order to resize the ring, the jeweler has to cut the band of the ring, either increasing it or decreasing it in size before rejoining it. Ring sizing is not something that you should try to do yourself at home, it requires a professional.

In order to increase the ring size, the band will first be cut. Then the jeweler will spread the band accordingly, however much is needed to be the proper size. This will leave a gap, so then a new piece of metal will be added to fill this gap.

Decreasing the size of a ring works in a very similar way. The jeweler will cut the band, and remove a strip from the ring by cutting it out. Then they will narrow the band by bringing the two ends together.

Once the resizing is complete, the ring will be put back together by soldering the band in the area that it was cut.

Possible Risks and Disadvantages To Ring Resizing

Although ring resizing is a commonly done practice, it does come with some potential risks and disadvantages.

The main con of doing this is that whenever a ring gets resized, the area in where it was cut and soldered is naturally weaker than the rest of the ring. Also, these cuts for resizing are made at the bottom of the band, which is usually the part of the ring that is subjected to the most stress.

If you apply too much pressure to it, it’s possible that the area where your ring is soldered can break. This rarely happens though, especially if the jeweler did the resizing properly.

If you are wondering how you can tell whether the jeweler did a good job or not at soldering the ring properly, there is one main way to tell. Carefully take a look at the area where the ring was joined back together. A proper resizing will have absolutely no depression on the surface. The surface should look normal, and it should be flat and polished. If you notice that the ring band is thinner in that area, and you can noticeably see a dented line, the job was not done properly. This means that you have a much higher chance of the soldering breaking.

If you catch this right away, you can simply ask the jeweler to fix this and strengthen the joint. They can do this by adding additional metal to the soldering and polishing that part of the band. This will then make it even with the rest of the ring band.

With Clarity’s Ring Resizing Policy

  • With Clarity offers a very generous resizing policy. With Clarity understands that ring sizing doesn't come naturally to everyone. Therefore, each customer is allowed one free resizing as long as it is done within 30 days of the ring purchase.
  • The customer must be aware that decreasing the size of the ring can possibly come with a slight reduction of the metal’s weight since some metal will be taken out to make the ring smaller. This cannot be reimbursed.
  • Likewise, if you are getting a ring sized larger, there will also be a change in metal weight, but the metal weight will be higher. The customer will not have to pay for any additional metal changes.
  • The only rings that cannot get resized are engraved rings, and eternity milgrain rings so please be certain of the size before making the purchase.

Avoid Ring Resizing

Ring Resizing is not something that a person willingly chooses to do, and they don’t purchase a ring knowing that they will have to resize it later. The best way to prevent having to get your ring resized is to be 100% certain of your ring size before purchasing a ring. You can determine your ring size yourself, or you can get it professionally done at any jewelry store. Men are more likely to need to get their rings resized than women, especially men who have never worn a ring before.

To avoid the hassle of getting a ring resized, be sure of your ring size before you purchase it.

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