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A little about us…

The moment Anubh Shah decided he’d ask Slisha to marry him, he knew that the ring would need to be special. Anubh wanted something that spoke to their history and the future they would create, so he set out to create the perfect ring himself. Along the way, they found the traditional jewelers to be impersonal and opaque and other online experiences overwhelming.

Anubh and Slisha worked together to build the perfect ring for her — and a better process for you. They combined technology-enabled 3D-printing and married the best of online and in-person shopping to create With Clarity. Grounded in a commitment to transparency, convenience, and high quality without high markups.

A clear purpose.

Four years ago, our founders were newly-married and sharing a small desk in Manhattan. Today, we are the fastest-growing engagement ring company in the country. With a passion for diamonds and impeccable design, our priority is offering a high quality product -- and experience -- every step of the way. Technology and compassion are the pillars of With Clarity. It’s all part of our mission to make big moments even better. We’ve embraced lab diamonds, ethical sourcing and affordable pricing to ensure your moment is marked with a ring you can be proud of.

Diamonds and engagement rings are not commodities, and your experience shouldn't be one either. We produce every ring, in New York, with meticulous care. Nothing leaves our offices without us being in love with it. We're deliberately different that way.

We’re deliberately different.

home preview

The best way to find the ring you want is to build it yourself. The best way to buy the ring you want is to see it for yourself. With Clarity combines the best of both worlds, so you can shop with confidence. Our Home Preview program allows you to try on up to 2 custom replica rings from the comfort of your own home.

Expert Gemologists

Our team is as dedicated to you as you are to yours. They've curated and inspected our diamonds and products to ensure quality and craftsmanship is in every detail. Any questions? We're available to help.

Excellent quality, reasonable prices.

We believe in being different. We'll ensure that you get the exact ring you want at a price you'll fall in love with.

Conflict-free diamonds

Sourcing and grading diamonds is complicated, but shopping for one should be clear. So we did the work of vetting every step of the process so you can buy with confidence. We choose to work only with trusted diamond cutters who use ethical practices to source and shape their diamonds. We offer lab grown and natural earth mined diamonds. We follow that up with a GIA or IGI certification and an inspection by our in-house team of gemologists. You created the love story. We just make rings worthy of it.

We're the talk of the town.

Startup taking the stress out of engagement ring shopping.

Ranked #18 on the list of fastest-growing companies in the USA.

Excelling in crafting rose gold jewelry and engagement rings.

The smartest and most stress-free way to shop for her engagement ring online.

With Clarity crafts lab diamond engagement rings worth buying.

What a great experience. I was a little hesitant to buy a diamond online, sight unseen and relying only on photos. The gemologists service to critique my stone was a great touch, and their opinion was spot on. My 1.7 carat cushion cut stone is a ball of crystal clear fire. It's an incredible stone with a great price.

Daniel P.

Ring received was beautiful. Better price and quality than anywhere else I looked. Love the halo styles that were available compared to other retailers both online and brick and mortar.

Christopher F.

Absolutely wonderful experience! After shopping at local jewelers but not satisfied with my findings, I talked to their gemologist who was extremely helpful! One of the best online experiences I have had, and I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a streamlined way to purchase an engagement ring!

Ondrey L.

My experience was amazing in every single way.The ring is amazing! I love it, it is exactly what I hoped for! I'm in love.

Leila O.

I was extremely overwhelmed with the engagement ring process even though I did my research. it wasn't until I spoke to a friend of mine and he recommended With Clarity. The process was simple selecting the ring setting and diamond was effortless. Me and my fiance could not be happier!

Dustin B.

Seeing is believing. Find the one for you today.

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