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Solitaire Necklaces

Diamond solitaire pendant necklaces feature a single gemstone held on a precious metal chain. They’re a classic necklace that can be worn day or night, casual to formal occasions, and work well for people of all ages. Solitaire pendants look amazing on and can be worn for decades. If you’re interested in snagging a solitaire necklace for yourself or someone you love, you have plenty of choices.

One of the first choices is what type of diamond shape you’d like. You’ll see solitaire necklaces with pear, princess, round, oval, and marquise. Each of these shapes impact the look of the necklace.

Next, it’s time to pick the setting. You’ll also see the diamonds set in various ways. Popular settings include prong wire baskets (in three, four, six prongs), bezel, and east-west. You’ll also see diamonds set with unique detail, like milgrain or set in a unique orientation, like the kite.

With Clarity’s solitaire necklaces feature lab-made diamonds. They’re “real” diamonds without the price tag. Instead, they’re sustainable, ethically-sourced, and affordable. Lab diamonds give the same brilliance as mined diamonds because they have the same chemical composition, optical properties, and physical features. The only difference between the two is one is mined from the earth and the other is created in a controlled lab.

Solitaire pendant necklaces are also available in a single or double bail. Single bail styles secure the pendant with a single metal fastener whereas double bail styles feature two metal hoops.

Some settings let you choose the metal (14K yellow, rose, or white gold). The settings that don’t have an option come in 14K white gold, which pairs well with the diamonds.

One of the reasons solitaire necklaces are popular is because they go with everything and for all occasions. You can wear a necklace to a picnic at the park or to a night out at the theater. Regardless of the occasion, you can dress your necklace up by adding more jewelry or dressing it down by keeping your other jewelry more simple and minimal. Diamond necklaces are timeless, and you can wear it for decades. They’re amazing pieces to have in your jewelry collection.

Solitaire necklaces make amazing gifts for all occasions–whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, push present, or a holiday, diamond jewelry gifts make jaws drop. Diamonds represent eternity and purity, making a solitaire necklace a meaningful gift.

You can select the perfect necklace for your loved one from With Clarity’s many options, and personalize it to fit their style and personal preferences.


What makes diamond solitaire necklaces special? 

Solitaire necklaces are not only beautiful, they’re timeless and versatile. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. They’re suitable for work, casual outings with friends or formal nights out. Solitaire necklaces represent eternity and purity, making it a meaningful gift no matter what the occasion.

How do I choose the right solitaire diamond pendant necklace?

Consider the personal preferences of your loved one if you’re giving the necklace as a gift. For example, do they wear minimal or more elaborate styles of jewelry, what types of metals do you see them wearing, and what diamond shapes are they drawn to? Observe your loved one and see what type of solitaire necklace suits them best. You have plenty of options and are bound to find the perfect necklace.

What is the difference between a solitaire necklace and a traditional pendant necklace?

A solitaire necklace is a single diamond hanging from a chain. They can be set in different ways from classic to unique. A pendant is a specific type of necklace that features a charm that hangs from the metal chain of the necklace. This charm can be anything from a cluster of diamonds or gemstones to a simple metal charm, like a heart or a key.

Can I upgrade the diamond in my solitaire necklace in the future?

Yes, it’s easy to upgrade the diamond in your solitaire necklace in the future. Some settings are easier than others to upgrade–prong versus bezel settings. We can work with you to upgrade your necklace.

Can I order a custom-designed solitaire necklace with a specific diamond?

Yes, you can select a preset solitaire necklace or choose the diamond and design the solitaire based on that. You can choose your metal, setting and chain length. Whichever route works best for you will work for us!

What occasions are diamond solitaire necklaces typically given as gifts for?

A diamond solitaire necklace can be gifted on any special occasion, including a birthday, anniversary, graduation, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, or even a bridal shower. Diamond is the birthstone for April, so it would make a meaningful gift for a loved one born in April. It’s also a traditional gift for the 60th wedding anniversary.

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