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woman holding man's hand wearing big engagement ring

October 4th, 2019 | by Kelsie Williams

Love Big Engagement Rings? Look No Further

Big style engagement rings are those rings that are a bit larger than the average-sized engagement rings. These rings normally feature a lot of shine because of the sheer size of the center diamond. For decades, celebrities have chosen big engagement rings. These show-stopping rings can be seen on the hands of celebrities ranging from Elizabeth Taylor to Kim Kardashian. Typically, these rings are very open-ended in terms of style, and therefore, there is no one specific metal or diamond shape that is customary for a big style engagement ring.

Big engagement rings can be yellow gold or white gold, and the center stone can come in an array of different cuts such as emerald or solitaire. Popularity-wise, these rings are more popular with brides looking to make a large statement with their engagement ring. The style of these rings is geared more towards showing off a diamond-filled ring. With this in mind, typically more outgoing women are attracted to the big style engagement rings.

When looking for big style engagement rings, there are a few main tips to know before buying. One tip is to consider the bride’s hand shape before buying. If she has daintier hands, the ring may overpower her and look out of place. Additionally, before buying, couples should be mindful of their lifestyle. Ensuring that the style of ring chosen matches the bride’s lifestyle is key in finding an engagement ring that is a good fit. If they lead a more active lifestyle, a big style engagement ring may get in the way. However, if they live a more relaxed lifestyle, a big style engagement ring may be the perfect addition to their life.

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Top Big Engagement Rings

If you are a bride who is looking to make a statement with your ring, check out 10 of our favorites below. You’ll see that even with this same diamond shape and metal combination, one ring can look dramatically different from the next. And that means you can find the perfect ring to suit your style.

big engagement rings three stone trellis princess diamond

Three Stone Trellis Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

To begin, the Three Stone Trellis Princess Diamond Engagement Ring features three center diamonds aligned with each other to create the appearance of one big center stone. The unique weaved setting flatters the featured princess cut diamonds. This ring is perfect for buyers looking for a big ring. Not only do the three stones produce great shine, they also make a statement in sheer size.

big engagement rings double floating halo cathedral

Double Floating Halo Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

For the especially outgoing brides, the Double Floating Halo Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring offers 76 accent diamonds along the entirety of the ring. Along with a split shank and double halo setting, the accent diamonds give the engagement ring an overall full look. The center stone is intensely emphasized by its double halo adding almost double of its width to the head of the ring. There is no way anyone can miss this ring!

big engagement rings cushion halo braided pave diamond

Cushion Halo Braided Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

This stunning engagement ring setting looks like you took a trendy diamond encrusted multi band ring and added your diamond and halo as a custom addition. It’s truly a setting fit for a queen, and it catches attention from every possible angle.

big engagement rings double halo cathedral

Double Halo Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

For another halo shape, the Double Halo Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring adds in the cathedral style to elevate the center halo setting. In addition to this emphasis, the center stone is also highlighted through its doubling up on accent diamonds around the center diamond. 76 stones make this ring gracious, elegant, and very popular as a choice for big style engagement rings.

big engagement rings twisting halo tristone

Twisting Halo Tristone Diamond Engagement Ring

The Twisting Halo Tristone Diamond Engagement Ring is utterly unique in its style and shine. This particular engagement ring offers a full and regal look through two larger accent diamonds framing the center stone. Additionally, the ring features 36 other pave set accent diamonds that curve around to form a halo around the ring. Although it does not have as many accent diamonds at the rings listed before it, this engagement ring offers such a high intensity of accent diamonds near the center stone that the metal is hardly visible until the band reaches the bottom portion of the ring. Guaranteed to make a statement, this engagement ring is for the bride who loves to be in the limelight.

big engagement rings split shank squarish halo diamond

Split Shank Squarish Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

As a more regal look, the Split Shank Squarish Halo Diamond Engagement Ring shows off a square halo layered on top of trendy split shanks. These split shanks give this contemporary style of ring more depth and dimension.

big engagement rings split three row

Split Three Row Diamond Engagement Ring

The Split Three Row Diamond Engagement Ring is an engagement ring that makes yet another powerful statement. Instead of the standard two sections, this split shank setting divides the band into three paths, and covers them all in accent stones. The middle section subtly rises in a graceful arc that captivates as much when viewed from the profile as from the top.

big engagement rings braided twist diamond

Braided Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

For the bride searching for a more unique engagement ring, the Braided Twist Diamond Engagement Ring features twisting split shanks that meet at the center stone in an asymmetrical manner. Its uniqueness will be sure to garner attention from everyone in the room.

big engagement rings vintage flower diamond

Vintage Flower Diamond Engagement Ring

The Vintage Flower Diamond Engagement Ring is a throwback to nature-inspired rings of the past. This ring shows off a delicately designed vintage flower pattern enclosing the center cushion diamond with a milgrain pattern. Not only is the statement bold, but it also gives the wearer a hint of nostalgia, making this ring a more intimate choice.

big engagement rings three row diamond

Three Row Diamond Engagement Ring

Finally, the Three Row Diamond Engagement Ring is one of the more simplistic options for a big style engagement ring. Three rows of pave set diamonds cover the top half of this engagement ring, giving the wearer the satisfaction of simplicity and shine.

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