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woman's hand on white wearing floating diamond engagement ring

October 18th, 2019 | by Gaumon Thapa

These Floating Diamond Engagement Rings Are Pure Magic

If your taste in rings runs toward styles with a few special effects, a floating diamond engagement ring might be a perfect match. This striking style features a clever way to emphasize the center stone, and lends itself well to sparkle-amplifying accent diamonds. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when shopping for this mind-bending style of engagement ring, though; read on to learn what they are, and browse several of our favorites.

What is a floating diamond engagement ring?

A floating diamond ring is much what it sounds like: The center diamond is extra-prominent and appears to be floating free of the setting or band. Generally, a floating diamond is seen on rings where the bands divert away from the stone, which emphasizes the impression that the diamond is afloat.

But a floating diamond can also be a floating halo — that’s when the accent diamonds and main stone are kept at such different heights from each other.

comparison of two different settings considered floating diamond engagement rings

Is a floating diamond ring the same as a tension ring?

Not entirely. Tension rings — a setting in which the center diamond is held in place by pressure, instead of prongs or other fasteners — can be described as floating diamond rings, but not all floating engagement rings are tension rings.

What to consider before getting a floating diamond ring

Wondering if a floating diamond ring is right for you? Think about your lifestyle, first and foremost. A floating diamond is especially prominent — and vulnerable because it isn’t protected by the band or any part of the setting, other than the prongs. So think about how much you work with your hands; are your current rings subjected to a lot of contact throughout your average day? You might want to opt for a more protected setting.

Top floating diamond engagement rings

She’s the magical thing that happened in your life, so it’s only natural that you want to bring something equally spectacular to hers. We think these floating diamond engagement rings do exactly that, though they each have something special to offer. Check out our favorites below, and don’t forget that many are available to try on at home through our free Home Preview program if you want to make sure the spark is real.

floating diamond engagement rings chic east west solitaire

Chic East West Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This sleek east-west ring features an open style and floating prongs that maximize the appearance of your center diamond.

floating diamond engagement ring twist

Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

Petite and elegant, this ring has tapering ends that balance your center stone as it appears to float illusion over 0.26 cts of accent diamonds.

floating diamond engagement rings tapered halo

Tapered Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This trendy petite halo setting incorporates 0.32 cts of accent diamonds that twist around the center stone.

floating diamond engagement rings split shank

Floating Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

A deep split shank band, accented with diamonds, rises to an under-bezel setting that delicately floats the center stone.

floating diamond engagement rings tapered

Tapered Diamond Engagement Ring

In this sleek setting, a wavy band with diamond-accented tapered ends beautifully balance the focal diamond.

floating diamond engagement rings flourish solitaire

Flourish Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This unique solitaire features a smooth, curving band that finishes in a dramatic upward curve for a striking yet minimal look.

floating diamond engagement rings float twist

Floating Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

Real impact. A half-carat of large tapering accent diamonds curve toward, and beautifully emphasize, the center stone.

Still not sure which one is right for your one? We have carefully crafted five collections of engagement rings to make sure you can always find the setting that feels just as special as your bride-to-be.

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