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October 24th, 2019 | by Nicole Diamond

Top 10 Most Expensive Celeb Engagement Rings

One of the most exciting that can happen for a woman, or a young girl, is to receive a diamond, whether in a ring, or any other setting. An engagement is one of the most anticipated events in the lives of both young and older women. The thought of a huge, sparkling diamond which she will no doubt flaunt in front of her family and friends is astounding. Celebrities are no different in wanting a big sparkling gem on their fingers. Celebrities are known to compete with each other when it comes to the size or cost of their diamonds. Here is a countdown of the top most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

Even though the number of years in marriage is not determined by the number of carats or the cost of the ring, celebrities love to celebrate their engagements with lavish diamond rings. Ranging from the costliest to the least amount of millions, celebrities are bent on showing their pieces both in social gatherings, social media, and in the media for everyone to see. The most expensive celebrity engagement rings belong to Mariah Carey and Kim Kardashian. But there have been many others who have large and lavish rings.

Meet the biggest and most expensive celebrity engagement rings

Mariah Carey Engagement Ring

1. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has by far received the most expensive celebrity engagement ring. It has 35 carats and is an emerald-cut diamond that was created by Wilfredo Rosado, which she received from her billionaire fiancé, James Packer. Mariah’s wedding to James Packer was cancelled seven months after the engagement, but she got to keep this diamond engagement ring.

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring

2. Kim Kardashian

Many are always curious to know and have the Kim Kardashian wedding ring. The second most expensive celebrity ring is Kim Kardashian’s upgraded ring from an 8.5 million ring she had gotten from Kanye West, which was subsequently stolen in Paris. The ring, a 20 carat ring, created by Lorraine Schwartz and engraved with “Adidas,” commemorating Kanye West’s deal with Adidas. It was an upgrade from the ring he had proposed with, which was a 15 cts cushion cut, D Flawless diamond (also created by Lorraine Schwartz). Before Kanye, Kim Kardashian was married to Chris Humphries for a short 72 days, but she left the marriage with a 16 carat center-diamond designed by Lorraine Schwartz. Rumors surround what is now known as the “divorce diamond.” At some point it was said that the ring was valued at almost 2 million, but it auctioned for $749,000 in 2013.

celebrity engagement rings Elizabeth taylor

3. Elizabeth Taylor

Third in line is a famous Krupp diamond that was owned by Elizabeth Taylor, given to her in 1968, by the late Richard Burton. VS1 quality, 33 carat, D color, Asscher cut all describe the diamond ring that was sold by Elizabeth Taylor’s estate for 8.8 million in 2011.

Beyonce Engagement Ring

4. Beyoncé

The celeb-famous Lorraine Schwartz also designed an 18 carat, emerald cut diamond ring for this superstar. The ring had a price tag of 5 million, and was given by famous musician and producer Jay-Z.

Paris Hilton Engagement Ring

5. Paris Hilton

For her engagement to Paris Latsis, Paris Hilton received a 24 carat engagement ring that cost 4.7 million. A fascinating fact, this is one celebrity engagement ring that was auctioned after they separated, to help the victims who suffered in Hurricane Katrina.

Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring

6. Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez were engaged with an expensive and incredibly rare, blue diamond ring that was 8.5 carat. This topped the 6 carat pink diamond ring which she had gotten from her fiancé before him, Ben Affleck.

Grace Kelly Engagement Ring

7. Grace Kelly

Prince Rainier II of Monaco proposed to Grace Kelly with a 10.47 carat emerald cut diamond ring, surrounded by two baguettes costing 4.06 million. This stunning ring was a perfect match to her elegant looks and personality.

Vanessa Bryant celebrity Engagement Rings

8. Vanessa Bryant

Kobe Bryant proposed to his then-fiancée Vanessa with a 4 million dollar, 8 carat engagement ring. He bought her this upgrade purple diamond ring in 2003. Rumors have it that it was an “apology ring,” but she proudly wears it anyway.

Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring

9. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Aristotle and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis celebrated their engagement with a Harry Winston Diamond. 40.42 carats and a Marquise cut, which was named the Lesotho III. It is the third largest gem that was cut from the 601 carat Lesotho ‘rough’ diamond. The diamond was sold for 2.6 million several years later.

Duchess of Windsor celebrity engagement Rings

10. Duchess of Windsor

The Duchess of Windsor, whom it is believed King Edward relinquish his throne to marry, received a 19 carat emerald engagement ring from him. The ring was sold at an auction for 1.98 million by Sotheby’s.

Many of these celebrity engagement rings have a sad story behind them, as in several instances, a breakup precedes the engagement announcement. However, the glimmer and sparkle of these large gems forever immortalizes the engagements, relationships, and people that they were crafted to celebrate.

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