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March 17th, 2021 | by Anubh Shah

Birthday Gifts for Her

Whether it’s a member of your family or a significant other, sometimes we want to spoil her on her birthday. While perfume, chocolate, and other presents can be nice, there’s nothing quite like the gift of jewelry. Not only does it showcase your affection and great taste, but jewelry is one of the few birthday gifts for her that can be enjoyed and passed down to the next generation. For that reason, the top 10 birthday gifts for her have included a jewelry item for decades. Let’s take a look at the options we offer here at With Clarity.

Why give her jewelry?

Before we look at some options, let’s think about the reasons for giving jewelry as a gift. For one thing, jewelry is something that you can give on many special occasions: it’s season-less. Many other gifts have a certain season in which they are most popular, such as a sweater during the winter holidays. Even better, among the birthday gift ideas for her, jewelry is something that is likely to make her feel happier. Jewelry says “you’re beautiful” in a way nothing else does.

Here’s another reason jewelry is among the best birthday gifts for her: it’s a lot of fun. With many styles of jewelry available, there’s a good chance you can find something that suits the occasion. For instance, a simple gold necklace for women is a classic choice that can be worn with just about anything. Combine it with other gold jewelry, and she’ll look like a queen.

Fun ways to give jewelry

Of course, giving her jewelry isn’t limited to handing her a wrapped box at dinner. Instead, consider combining the presentation with a trip to the movies, or ask her to close her eyes while you place that necklace on her. You can even add it to a bouquet of flowers, making both into unique birthday gifts for her. Guessing games can be fun, too.

Popular options

By far, the most popular and classic item is a pair of diamond earrings. They are lovely because diamonds can light up her face, and women love their unique sparkle. Better yet, diamond jewelry goes with just about anything else. In particular, the last couple of years have seen lab diamond earrings explode in popularity. Choose a pair of stud earrings, or let the ever-popular hoop earrings be the star of the show.

Besides earrings, there are other popular options. For instance, solitaire halo pendants have been popular for a long time, as have solitaire diamond rings. Some people like to give a couple rings in honor of relationship and life cycle milestones. Finally, dainty diamond rings in yellow gold can be combined with her birthstone for a lovely birthday treat.

Great gift options at With Clarity

Finally, let’s take a look at some of the top birthday gifts at With Clarity. These selections are chosen to represent different price points so that you can find the perfect gift for your budget. In some cases, there are customization options available.

Maxi Glitz Lab Diamond Studs

Maxi Glitz Lab Diamond Studs

For big sparkle at a small price, check out these beautiful 10kt white gold studs. Although small in size, they are designed for maximum value. This is achieved using diamonds that have a minimum color of H and an I2 clarity. Our experts have found that this allows us to offer sparkling diamonds that are sure to please, without breaking the bank. Then, we use relatively heavy settings to increase the perceived size of the diamond on the ear. If you have a special teenager or young woman in your life, this is a great alternative to small hoop earrings.

Gossamer Lab Diamond Ring

Gossamer Lab Diamond Ring

If she’s a ring lover, check out this lovely cluster ring made of 10kt yellow gold. Made with 19 small diamonds, this petite piece will still sparkle like something made with a larger natural diamond. As a simple and inexpensive diamond ring, this one is perfect for a “just because” ring for your girlfriend. Or, you might consider it for a niece that’s growing up fast. Customization is limited to ring size. But don’t worry, if you pick the wrong size we can easily correct this.

Hope Lab Diamond Pendant

Hope Lab Diamond Pendant

For a lady of faith, the hope lab diamond pendant is an excellent choice. Crafted in 14kt yellow gold, the gift includes a dainty gold chain for women. This chain can be worn with the cross or combined with another pendant in her collection. What we love about the Hope pendant is that it has a nice contrast between the white diamonds and yellow gold. In addition, the lab-created stones allow us to offer it at a better value.

Alto Lab Diamond Pendant

Alto Lab Diamond Pendant

Similar to the pendant above, the Alto is made with 14kt yellow gold and includes a chain. However, this design features two interlocking hearts, making it perfect for your wife or girlfriend. Every time she looks at it, she’ll think about you and how special your relationship is. Better yet, it pairs well with small hoop earrings of any shape to complete the look. Whether for Valentine’s Day or a birthday, it’s a great overall value.

Linked Lab Diamond Bracelet

Linked Lab Diamond Bracelet

If you’ve ever thought of giving your loved one a diamond bracelet, this one’s a showstopper. Made with an amazing two carats of diamonds set in 14kt yellow gold, it’s an instant classic. Many women would enjoy getting a bracelet like this, and it’s sure to get a lot of wear. Better yet, the combination of yellow gold with white diamonds lends itself well to many outfits.

As you can see, With Clarity has a lot of beautiful options available for gift giving. And, unlike many jewelry stores, we have options for even relatively small budgets. Diamonds, not her thing? We have colored gemstone jewelry, too. Give us a call, and our gemologists are ready to help.

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