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Hidden Accent Engagement Ring Guide

Hidden Accent Engagement Ring Guide

When the time comes to pick an engagement ring, excitement can quickly turn to anxiousness. There are so many options, and encountering unfamiliar phrases and names describing all the engagement ring styles can make it that much more daunting. Finding the perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to be complicated. This special moment in your life should be treasured, so take your time.

A little bit of research can go a long way! If you’ve spent any time digging into engagement ring settings, you may have come across the hidden accent engagement ring. If this beautiful style piques your interest, you’ll want to read on because we’ll tell you all about it!

What’s a Hidden Accent Engagement Ring?

A hidden accent engagement ring means that the accents, like a halo setting, are hidden. In most cases, they’re just placed below the center stone’s setting so they can only be viewed in profile instead of straight on.

A hidden accent engagement ring is ideal for those who like the look of a solitaire diamond engagement ring but want something a bit more intricate. It’s also one of the latest trending designs, making it popular with many brides-to-be. This is true whether it’s a hidden halo, a milgrain accent, or a diamond collar.

If you want a modern twist on the halo, you may prefer a hidden accent ring. Additionally, if you want your ring to have some added sparkle and glitter from all angles, opting for a hidden accent can be a great choice!

A hidden halo goes with nearly any diamond shape or cut, sometimes making it a better choice than a traditional halo if you’re going with a unique center stone. While a hidden accent likely won’t increase the appearance in size of your center gem as much as a classic halo, it can still make your diamond look bigger.

Our Favorite Hidden Accent Engagement Rings

Diamond Collar Fine Line Engagement Ring

Diamond Collar Fine Line Engagement Ring

Why have just one band of diamonds when you can have two? We love how this style takes the hidden halo and amplifies it with two pave studded bands, one for each shank on either side of the center stone. Looking at the ring straight on, you would never know that these striking details are there. However, as soon as you view it from any other angle, you’re treaty to the sparkly little secret of this breathtaking ring.

Milgrain Knife Edge Hidden Accent Engagement Ring

Milgrain Knife Edge Hidden Accent Engagement Ring

Hidden accents don’t have to be only diamonds. A milgrain knife edge offers interest and intrigue to the sides of this band. Then, in the crux of the center stone’s setting are tucked two glittering accents with their own milgrain border. They add a pop of sparkle and allow your ring to radiate from any angle. It’s a simple and minimalist solitaire with a twist!

Petal Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Petal Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

How regal is this hidden halo engagement ring? Like a secret garden, a hidden halo is discreetly nestled around the petals of this nature-inspired band. The petal detailing set with diamonds on the shank is gorgeous. It draws your eye upward towards the luminous center stone. But before you reach the centerpiece, the subtle halo with its accent diamonds and fine detailing will stop you in your tracks.

Pave Prong Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Pave Prong Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

There are so many hidden accents on this ring; which lovely detail do we discuss first? You’ll find a double row of radiant pave set diamonds starting from the band. Then, a delicate and demure diamond collar is wrapped around the base of the setting. But the sparkling details don’t end there; lustrous accent diamonds cascade down each prong. This ring is positively captivating no matter which way you look at it.

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Tips to Keep in Mind When Engagement Ring Shopping

• Always opt for certified stones. Both lab-created and earth-mined diamonds can be certified and should be done so by a reputed institute like GIA or IGI.

Gemstones should be chosen based on color. Check that your stone has a great hue, is not overly saturated or too pale, and is eye-clean.

• Before picking a stone, consider durability. Diamonds rank as the strongest, while other stones can be more susceptible to damage.

• Shop a reputed brand with excellent customer care, such as easy returns and helpful service.

• Budget before making your choice. It’s a good idea to have a budget in mind both before shopping and making your final selection.


What exactly is a hidden halo?

A hidden halo is a halo that sits below the center stone and is usually wrapped around the setting like a collar. Often, they can only be viewed from the sides when the ring is in profile.

Are engagement rings with hidden accents popular?

Hidden halos became quite popular in the early 2000s, and since then, other forms of hidden accents have taken off too. They’re an excellent way to marry traditional style with a modern twist.

What is the point of a hidden halo?

A hidden halo offers a pop of sparkle. It also adds a unique element to classic rings and can make your ring look more appealing from various angles.

Can a hidden halo make the center gem look bigger?

A hidden halo may make the center gem look slightly more significant. Still, a traditional halo is a better choice if you want to truly enhance the size.

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