A Guide to Accent Diamonds

Accent Diamonds

Accent diamonds are smaller diamonds used to enhance the larger center stone by complementing it. The smaller diamonds are often used in diamond engagement rings to make the ring appear larger and more eye-catching. Diamond accents are quite common in gemstone engagement rings for women because they add to the sparkle of the main stone.

The accents add life and bedazzle rubies, emeralds, pearls, sapphires, and other gemstones without overpowering them. For diamond engagement rings for women, the diamond accents come in varying shapes like round, baguette, oval, emerald, princess, and more.

Common Types of Diamond Accents

● Baguette Accent Diamonds.

This is available either as straight baguettes or tapered baguettes.They are sometimes called rectangular accents, thanks to their shape.

● Trillion Cut Accent Diamonds.

They are subtly curved and match the slope of the ring. They give the most sparkle for money, so care needs to be taken lest they outshine less brilliant center stones.

● Marquise Accent Diamonds.

They create an oval shape thanks to their tapered shape and thus pair strikingly well with most angular center stones.

● Round Accent Diamonds.

They pair effectively with most diamond shapes, thanks to their flexibility.

Common Types of Settings used for Diamond Accents

● Halo

The diamond accents are positioned in a circle or a square around the central stone, making the center stone appear bigger.

● Pave and Micropave

Small beads of metal hold accent diamonds that are set close to each other.Their flawless look makes them great for those seeking more sparkle with a beautiful, timeless engagement ring.

● Channel

The accent diamonds are suspended elegantly between two uniform borders creating an illusion of floating diamonds. They work best with the round accent and princess-cut diamonds popular in traditional engagement rings.

● Bezel

This setting gives a classic appeal to the ring and is also one of the most durable, making it perfect for those with an active lifestyle, like nurses and teachers.

The Most Classic Combination of Accent and Center Diamonds

● Baguette diamonds.

The baguette is the ideal shape for accent diamonds because of its large table size and its unique symmetry. They have less sparkle than trillion cuts and small round accents, but they also come in smaller carat sizes, making them perfect for those limited by a budget. The tapered baguette is great with three-stone rings and side-stone rings. They also complement most diamond shapes like emerald, radiant, princess, and round brilliant.

The straight baguette accent diamonds appear larger thanks to their rectangular shape. They are most popular with round brilliant, asscher, and marquise cuts.

● Trillion cut diamond accents

These have a triangular shape that follows the curve of a ring.They are perfect for three-stone settings with cushion-cut center stones, brilliant round stones, princess cut, and radiant cut diamond center diamonds.

● Marquise diamond accents

The marquess has a whimsical shape that looks like a smile and is great for non-traditional brides. The marquise diamond accents look great with oval, and princess cut diamonds.

● Small round diamond accents

These are the most versatile accent diamonds and work well with all diamond shapes. They fall in three categories,' stars,'' full cuts,' and 'melee,' and are used to fill out thicker ring settings.

Lab Diamond Accents

Lab diamond accents are terrific for boosting their diamond count without going off-budget. Lab diamond accents cost 20-40% less per carat compared to mined diamonds. They are also environmentally friendly and are ethical, unlike some of their counterparts. Clean, through and through.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Side or Accent Diamonds.

As much as accent diamonds allow one freedom to design a ring that fits individual tastes, personality, budget, and preferences, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure your diamond is everything you want it to be.

● Clarity

Accent diamonds that are eye-clear will sparkle as brightly as the internally flawless ones for a fraction of the cost.

● Size

To establish a hierarchy in the design of your ring, stick with accent rings that are no more than 15% of the size of the center stone.

● Color

Stick with accent diamonds that are three color grades below the main stone. The accent diamonds should also be from the same color grade, or you will have a spotted ring.

Caring for Accent Diamonds

Diamonds may last forever, but a little love and attention will keep it super sparkly.

Professional cleaning should be done at least twice a year, but there are ways for you to clean your diamond jewelry at home. Check your ring regularly to make sure there are no loose diamonds. If you notice a loose stone, take it to a jeweler, so it is reset and professionally cleaned.If your ring has no issues, soak it for 20-40 minutes in dishwashing liquid or vodka, then gently brush the ring with a toothbrush. Rinse the ring under running water, then wipe it dry using a soft material like cotton, so it is not scratched. Finally, use a clean polishing cloth to rub your ring till it sparkles.


Are diamond accents valuable?

An accent diamond is a real diamond and even shares the same carat grade, cut, color and clarity. Individually, an accent's value is less than that of a real diamond.

Do diamond accents fall out over a period of time?

Yes, they do. A hard blow will damage the setting and cause some diamonds to become loose. General wear and tear and poor maintenance will also cause loose diamonds.

Is clarity an important feature in accent diamonds?

The clarity of the accent diamonds should be 1-2 clarity grades lower than the main stone, and eye-clean accents are even better.

What is the best setting for accent diamonds?

Choice largely depends on the center stone and individual preferences. Know the color, shapes, and sizes that become "You" and match your stone.

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