Does Clarity Matter for Accent Diamonds? How Much?

woman wearing engagement ring with accent diamonds

When it comes to evaluating a diamond engagement ring, you’re naturally only really looking at the center stone — after all, it’s the attention grabber (and the biggest influence on how many dollars you’ll drop on the whole shebang).

But what about accent diamonds? (First of all, yes, diamond accents are real diamonds.) These diamonds can be an important — albeit small — part of the overall aesthetic, but we don’t really think about how the 4Cs apply to them. That’s a mistake since they’re diamonds just like your center stone, but how much do factors like clarity really matter in these diamond accents?

It depends on the size of the accent diamonds

The term “accent diamonds” isn’t actually just one type of stone. It can be everything from a larger piece on a three stone ring — like the With Clarity Three Stone Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring — to small pave (or even tiny micro pave) diamonds that accent the center stone or encircle the band.

In general, the larger the stone, the easier it would be to spot a lower clarity grade diamond, even as a diamond accent. For example, you can better see the clarity in the stones on a Triangular Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring with larger accent diamonds than on a French Cut Pave Diamond Engagement Ring that features multiple tiny stones.

different types of accent diamonds and styles

Your best bet? See what it looks like to the naked eye. As long as there are no inclusions visible to the naked eye, it should be clear enough to still glitter like you want and not detract from that center stone. Many jewelers will offer Slightly Included (SI) accent diamonds since they are mostly eye clean (and it’ll likely be less expensive than an engagement ring adorned with pave diamonds that have more clarity).

Here at With Clarity, all of our engagement rings set with accent diamonds use stones that have a clarity grade of VS2. We don’t want anything detracting from how much you love your ring now and forever, so we went with a higher clarity grade (and color).

But remember: Eyes are drawn to the center stone

While it’s OK to be concerned about the clarity of accent diamonds, don’t let it trip up your search. Eyes — both yours and those that belong to other people — are more concerned with the main course (the center stone) than the sides (accent diamonds). This gives you some wiggle room with the clarity of the smaller stones.

A big aside, though: If your accent diamonds are, say, J color diamonds (with a slight yellow tinge), and the center stone is near colorless, that would be pretty obvious and detract from the overall look of the ring — unless, of course, you prefer it that way.

We’re taking the guesswork out of accent diamond clarity

There are a million-and-one things you have to consider when buying a diamond engagement ring, but accent diamond clarity shouldn’t be one of them.

That’s why we’re covering all of that at With Clarity. All of our accent stones are G color grade and Very Slightly Included (VS2) clarity, meaning you never have to worry about them distracting or detracting from your center stone with inclusions or color.

And if you’re still confused? We’ve got you: Our expert gemologists can help you pick out the perfect ring with accent diamonds that fits both your style (and your budget).

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