Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds are simply an elongated round brilliant cut, but the appeal of these loose diamonds goes much deeper. Oval cuts have the brilliance of the round diamond, but a more unique shape. They are a fashionable and trendy diamond cut that, when cut well, can look larger than a round diamond. But many people love this diamond shape for another of its benefits: Oval diamonds can make one’s fingers look thinner and longer, and it compliments a wide range of hand shapes and sizes.

Although this shape is a more recent cut, invented in the mid 1900s, it has already proven to be a lasting and beloved style. This cut is intended to represent the longevity of your relationship, which might explain the popularity of oval cut diamond rings. But though you might love its symbolic meaning, it requires certain considerations when you're selecting a loose diamond.

The Origin of Oval Cut Diamonds

Jewel crafters have cut diamonds into oval-type shapes for centuries, as variations of the classic round brilliant cut. However, the oval diamond as we know it today was not purposely developed until the late 1950s. Lazare Kaplan, a diamond cutter from Russia, quickly earned a reputation for being able to turn the most useless and flawed diamonds into beautiful works of art. He cut down the damaged gemstones, chipped away the blemished parts, and created smaller, workable diamonds. He seemed to truly believe in the saying “diamond in the rough,” and it was he who created the oval-cut diamond from some of the “deformed” diamond pieces with which he so expertly worked. Some famous people who favor oval cut diamond jewelry include Princess Kate, Katie Holmes, and Selma Hayek.

Oval Cut Engagement Ring Popularity

There's no question of this ring style's popularity given its romantic symbolism. And since the oval diamond looks larger than a round at the same carat weight, it's a shape that lends itself well to smaller but elegant rings, like a 1 carat oval diamond ring. Oval cut solitaire engagement rings have perennial popularity thanks to their elegance and the romantic curves of the center stone. These diamonds don't need many frills to turn heads, though oval diamond rings with accent stones and halos are have an undeniable appeal. Just ask celebrities. There's no shortage of oval diamond engagement rings in Hollywood. Here are some of the oval diamond's most famous fans:

  • Blake Lively wears an oval cut rose gold engagement ring from her famous hubby, Ryan Reynolds. The ring, by Lorraine Schwartz, features delicate micropave bands
  • Amber Rose shows off an oval diamond solitaire engagement ring with a whopping 10-carat center stone from Wiz Khalifa
  • Katie Holmes received a ring that looked like an oval cut vintage engagement ring from Tom Cruise that featured a 5-carat center stone, 6 carats of accent diamonds and a split shank design
  • Katharine McPhee sports an oval cut halo engagement ring set in platinum from Nick Cokas. But her ring is disinct for the fancy colored diamonds used in the center and halo
  • Miranda Kerr was given a unique engagement ring from now-ex Orlando Bloom that features oval and round diamonds set in a floral pattern
  • Whitney Port gushes about her rose gold oval diamond engagement ring that features a center stone flown to Australia from Israel to surprise her
  • Julianne Hough is equally enamoured with her 5-carat oval diamond soliatire ring set with a delicate band featuring diamond accents
  • Kate Middleton has to be included for the oval-cut sapphire and diamond engagement ring she wears that previously belonged to Princess Diana
  • Penelope Cruz also shows off an oval-cut sapphire, though the halo makes it look like a nature-inspired engagement ring with its floral design
  • Serena Williams shows off her 3 stone oval diamond ring from Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, which features a sizeable center stone
  • Salma Hayek also went for the 3 stone oval cut engagement ring. Her center stone is flanked on either side by a trillion-shaped diamond
  • Lady Gaga now wears an oval pink sapphire engagement ring with a diamond halo, though she used to wear a heart-shaped diamond ring
  • Eva Longoria has had two rings, both of them featuring an oval cut, though they were both non-diamond engagement rings: one ruby, one sapphire
  • Katy Perry's also a fan of the non-diamond engagement ring it seems; on her ring a pinkish-red stone takes center stage with the help of a diamond halo
  • Katherine Schwarzenegger said yes to Chris Pratt when he proposed with an oval cut ring with a micropave band after just 7 months of dating
  • Melissa Benoist, who you might know as CW's Supergirl, sports a gorgeous oval halo engagement ring designed by Jennifer Meyer
  • Christina Aguilera dons an elborate oval cut diamond ring from Matt Rutler, which features a unique halo that resembles a fleur de lis shape

Oval Diamond Pricing

Like other fancy shapes, ovals waste less precious rough material and therefore are less premium than round brilliant cuts. However, unlike other fancy shapes, they require less depth, so the diamond looks larger and fuller. This makes them a great value for their cost. Oval cuts can look visually stunning, but in some instances, may exhibit a “bow tie” effect.

The Bow-tie Effect

The bow tie effect is a visually dull/darker center that resembles a black bow tie. It is an area where light is leaked and not reflected. Diamond brilliance is impacted by the bow tie effect, but this only appears when the oval cut is too shallow or deep. Presence of a bow tie will drive down the price of a loose diamond. (You can learn more about diamond bow ties here.)

oval cut diamonds with bow tie effect

One other factor to consider is color. Although a higher color grade will cost more money, it's worth considering if you're set on an oval diamond for your engagement ring. Ovals tend to show more color than rounds, particular near their shallow edges. Therefore, consider a slightly higher color when choosing an oval cut diamond to make sure the edges look clear. Learn more about diamond pricing, including how the diamond shape affects typical prices for a 1 carat stone.

Oval Cut Buying Guide

Price is always an important factor when shopping for anything, especially something as permanent as an engagement ring. This one area in which the rarity of the oval cut diamond comes in handy. While it is harder to find than other diamond cuts, it is also not as highly demanded. Therefore, the oval diamond value is typically less than that of other diamond cuts. Many brides-to-be don't care if their gemstone is tall or short. However, if your betrothed has an eye for the height of her oval cut diamond, keep in mind that the taller, or longer, stones look sharper, while the shorter ones adhere to the rounded oval shape. Oval cut diamonds have a larger surface area than the round brilliant counterparts of the same size. If you are looking for size without spending a lot, an oval cut diamond is a good choice because they always appear larger than the round.

Oval Cut Diamond Settings

Oval diamonds have an undeniably romantic shape. Like we mentioned, they shine in solitaire settings, so don't feel like you need to go for a setting with more frills. A 1 or 2 carat oval diamond ring is a classic choice, and you can personalize it with some design elements like pave accent diamonds or a split shank. But oval diamond halo engagement rings are also very popular. The delicate diamond halo emphasizes the sleek shape of the center stone and adds up to a half carat of size visually, making it a smart and budget-friendly way to get a bigger ring.

But you can also personalize your oval cut engagement ring by spending time thinking about what metal you'll go with. Oval cut yellow gold engagement rings, for example, can feel vintage even if they're brand new. That's something some brides-to-be adore about this metal choice. But if you want your oval cut gold engagement ring look like it's made up of all diamonds, you'll want to opt for white gold. A white gold band and prongs melds seamlessly with diamonds so your eye is drawn to the stones and not the setting. Or go for a modern-chic look with a rose gold oval cut engagement ring. But make sure you read about all of your metal choices because even within the same type of metal there can be a difference in color between 14 and 18 karat.

Oval Cut Diamond Guide

The optimal oval ratio of length to width is 1.32 to 1.45. Shorter oval cut diamonds may be deep or look too round. Some people also prefer very long ovals (upwards of 1.50 in ratio). Higher ratios make the diamond look quite large, but its depth becomes shallow. Below, you'll see the depths, tables and ratios affecting the diamond so you can get familiar with the best cut for an oval diamond.

side view of oval diamond showing its depth

Depth % for Oval Diamonds

Excellent: 67%-57%

Very Good: 68%-53%

Good: 72%-49%

top view of oval diamond showing the table facet

Table % of Oval Diamonds

Excellent: 65%-53%

Very Good: 69%-51%

Good: 74%-47%

Length to width Ratio for Oval Diamonds

oval diamond with shorter 1.25 length to width ratio



oval diamond with a perfect 1.50 length to width ratio



oval diamond with a longer 2.00 length to width ratio



Oval Diamond Size Chart

Oval cut diamonds have approximate millimeter sizes that correspond to certain carat weights. Please see a chart of the popular oval cut diamond sizes and their carat weights. For all sizes and shapes, please visit our diamond size chart page.

oval diamond size chart


How many facets are in an oval cut diamond?

Oval cut diamonds have a unique shape with 58 facets.

What are the benefits of an oval cut diamond?

Oval cut diamonds have a stylish appeal and tend to look larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight. They also make the fingers look thinner.

When did the oval cut diamond originate?

The oval cut diamond was developed in the late 1950s.

Are oval diamonds more expensive than round diamonds?

No, oval diamonds are less expensive than round diamonds as there is less rough wastage during the cutting process. Also, unlike other fancy shapes, they require less depth, so the diamond looks more prominent and fuller. This makes them a great value purchase.

What is the bow-tie effect in an oval cut diamond?

The bow tie effect refers to the visually dull/darker center of an oval cut diamond that resembles a black bow tie. It brings down the price of the stone as it negatively impacts the diamond's brilliance.
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