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5 Vintage Style Engagement Rings Under $2500 Worth Your Attention

Vintage rings under 2500$

Are you planning to propose to the love of your life? Are you thinking about getting a vintage sparkler to complement her love for all things classic? If you'd like to do this without overspending, then you've come to the right place. We found 5 vintage-inspired, gorgeous engagement rings that offer the romance of vintage and the brilliance of lab-made diamonds - all for under $2500. It's true!


Favorite Looks

vintage filigree leaf engagement ring

Vintage Filigree Leaf Engagement Ring

Price: $2,170

Taking inspiration from vintage designs and organic shapes, this beautiful filigree engagement ring features milgrain embellishment. The milgrain accentuates the back of the shank and extends to the delicate diamond detailing that reaches up to the stunning princess-cut, lab-created center stone to hold it like a flower. The delicate vintage details, such as the milgrain embellishment and side stones make this setting stand out. The total setting is 1 carat and the setting has 0.15 total carats. Select 14K white, yellow or rose gold.

vintage celtic knot engagement ring

Vintage Celtic Knot Engagement Ring

Price: $2,320

The dazzling round center stone of this vintage-inspired engagement ring has a four-claw setting with Celtic knot detail along the shank. The Celtic knot is a symbolic pattern of a looped knot that has no start or finish. The looped pattern goes on infinitely, which is thought to symbolize the eternity of life. A petal motif of diamond pavé is featured in the ring’s gallery. It’s set in 14K yellow gold with 0.05 carats in the setting. The interesting knots and loops and the hidden diamond gallery detail make this setting stand out from other designs. The total carats including the lab-made center stone is 1 1/20 carats.

vintage blossom engagement ring

Vintage Blossom Engagement Ring

Price: $2,260

Featuring a traditional orange blossom motif common in vintage designs, this beautifully detailed ring showcases a stunning round, lab-made central diamond in a classic four-prong setting. It’s embellished with petal details, diamond pavé, and fine milgrain on the cathedral shank, including on the front view, to create sparkle from every angle. The detailed diamonds set on the band set this engagement ring apart from the others. The additional diamonds add some extra sparkle but place the focus on the dazzling center stone. It is set in 14K yellow gold with 0.05 carats in the setting, and 1 1/20 total carats for the engagement ring.

vintage glamour twisted diamond engagement ring

Vintage Glamour Twisted Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,140

To showcase the dazzling round center stone of this engagement ring, the embellished band splits to twist over and under itself up to flank the lab-made center stone. The four prongs are elegantly formed by a crossover with diamond details from the front view. The center stone is the focus of this vintage-style engagement ring, but the band's unique diamond embellishment honors vintage elements and adds some additional sparkle to the setting. It’s set in 14K yellow gold with 0.33 carats in the setting, and 1 ? total diamond carats.

vintage carved orchard solitaire engagement ring

Vintage Carved Orchard Solitaire Engagement Ring

Price: $2,140

This exquisite vintage-style ring features an intricately engraved scroll border leading to a dazzling round center stone that’s held in an elegant crown-shaped six-prong basket. All of the focus is on sparkling round, lab-made diamond, but the detail in the band accentuates the stone's beauty and creates the vintage vibe of this ring. It is set in 14K white gold, and the total diamond weight is 1 carat.

The Takeaway

Those who love vintage appreciate the unique embellishment, such as milgrain, romantic petals and symbols, and the details that make vintage style rings stand out from the others. The vintage-style engagement rings With Clarity offers feature affordable, elegant, and quality engagement rings. Vintage doesn't have to mean expensive. Using lab-made diamonds help make these engagement rings more affordable. Lab grown diamonds provide a “real” diamond that shares the same chemical composition, optical properties and physical features as natural diamonds. In addition, they are durable, environmentally friendly, and ethically sourced. These vintage-inspired designs deserve a second look - especially if the love of your life adores vintage style.


Which is the best diamond cut for a vintage style ring?

Each vintage-style setting is unique. The best diamond cut depends on your personal preferences and the design of the ring. Popular cuts for vintage rings include round, cushion, oval, emerald, and princess. Some With Clarity vintage-style engagement rings allow you to choose your favorite cut and metal.

What is milgrain?

Milgrain looks like a border of tiny metal dots that adorn the edges of jewelry. The term comes from a French word that translates to “a thousand grains.” The milgrain acts as a crown or border to accentuate the center diamond (or other gemstone). This technique became common during the Edwardian Era and is still very common today.

Are vintage engagement rings still in style?

Yes, vintage engagement rings continue to be popular and in style. Vintage rings have unique, detailed, and romantic engagement ring designs. They have a unique look that’s sought after and often feature vintage details like pavé diamonds, filigree and milgrain.

What is the difference between a vintage ring and a vintage-inspired ring?

A vintage-inspired ring is a new engagement ring that is inspired by vintage design principles. On the other hand, a vintage ring is a ring that is typically more than 40 years old, while antique jewelry is more than 100 years old.
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