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A Guide to Buying a Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

A Guide to Buying a Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is one of the most special moments of a person’s life. It is a major event that ends in what is probably the second biggest stage of life: marriage. People treasure their engagements, throwing parties, making their first big decisions with their spouse-to-be, and preparing to merge their lives into one. But there is one thing that really makes an engagement: the ring.

Since no two people are alike, the same should be true of one’s engagement ring. Below we have detailed everything you need to know about custom engagement rings, and why you should consider choosing a custom, rather than a cookie-cutter ring, for the love of your life.

Diamond Ring Center-Stone

Diamonds have always been, and always will be, a popular choice for engagement rings. In fact, it is the primary choice. As such, the demand for diamonds is very high. That can have consequences when it comes to the price and availability of diamonds.

That is the reason lab-grown diamonds were created. With lab made diamonds, people can now get perfect, beautiful diamonds, without having to pay a large sum of money. A lab created diamond ring is just as good, and beautiful, as a diamond engagement ring made from a natural diamond.

Choices in Engagement Ring Features

When choosing jewelry, we usually select pieces that catch our eye and capture our heart. We don’t really think about the various features of the jewelry that make them eye-and-heart catching. But what makes your ring one-of-a-kind is the features that you choose. Even if you choose a common setting or metal, there is still no one who arranged their ring quite like you did your custom-made diamond engagement ring.

The features of your ring include:

  • Gemstone
  • Carat weight
  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Stone size
  • Setting
  • Metal

How to Create You Dream Custom Engagement Ring

At With Clarity, we are able to offer you the best custom design services with a no fees and no minimums for our rendering and consultations. It’s easy to craft the ring of her dreams while working with our helpful gemologists.

Send With Clarity a sketch of the custom engagement ring you desire. You can also share a written description, images or inspiration or speak with us via phone, email and live chat about that you’re looking for. Based on your description, a price quote will be provided.

With Clarity will create a 3-D rendering of your ring, to ensure that it is everything you envisioned. During this step, any revisions or alterations can be made (and your price quote will be adjusted in accordance).

The pros at With Clarity will create your ring, using only the best of the best stones and metals, and according to your unique specifications. It’s also possible to create custom jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anniversary rings.

How to Design a Custom Diamond Ring

In more specific detail, the customization tool begins with choosing a ring style. Below are some of the more popular styles:

Halo. This style is one of the most brilliant of all the diamond engagement ring styles. Also, you can choose from either a plain halo or an ornate flower one.

Solitaire. Diamond solitaire engagement rings are classic. They will never go out of style, and they are elegantly beautiful.

Three-stone. Beautiful to behold, and they represent the past, present and future of a relationship (which is why they are among the most popular choices.

Vintage. These rings showcase intricate design elements, such as milgrain and filigree. These are elements you cannot get in any other style of engagement ring.

Next, you will be asked to choose your metal. These are the most popular metals for diamond engagement rings:

Platinum. Of all the metals, this one is the most durable. As such, it is considerably expensive. However, it is hypoallergenic as well as strong. Good choice for anyone with metal sensitivities.

Yellow gold. This metal has been around for ages and is considered to be the more traditional choice.

White gold. A more contemporary choice than yellow gold, and more affordable than platinum.

Rose gold. This is a softer metal; best for those who want to stand out from the crowd. It exudes a romantic vibe thanks to its warm, pinkish tint.

What Should the Carat Size and Diamond Cut Be?

Firstly, let us tell you that one carat equals .2 grams, or 200 mg. That obviously isn’t very heavy, and thus, you could have lots of carats in a ring without it weighing a ton. That is good news.

However, it is important to note that one carat doesn’t not look the same from ring to ring. For example, a round-cut, one-carat diamond will likely be larger in size than a one-carat princess-cut stone. They weigh the exact same, but their cuts and facets mean the visual size changes.

Essentially, the carat weight for your design-your-own ring is up to you (or the person for whom you are purchasing the ring). You will want to consider finger size, setting, and as just mentioned, stone cut. The typical carat weight is between 2-4k for engagement ring diamonds. But at the end of the customization, size only matters as much to the ring as it does to you and your partner.

As far as diamond cut, most people opt for either round or princess cut diamonds. A solitaire round diamond, or a triple-stone princess cut setting are the most popular settings for diamond engagement rings. However, here are some other options:

    • Rectangle
    • Round
    • Square
    • Oval
    • Heart

Custom Diamond Ring Cost

Any time you are buying diamond jewelry, you can expect to see very expensive pieces. However, especially if you are shopping for lab made diamonds, you will also find some that are not bank-breaking. Designing your own ring can ensure that you pay the best price for the ring you want. With Clarity can work within your budget to ensure that you have the ring of your dreams with the highest attention to detail. Because we don’t have any minimum spend, we are happy to work within all budgets.

Sizing the Engagement Ring

Be sure that you are close to the approximate ring size, as sizing the ring up or down more than 2 sizes will change the look and shape of the ring. In that instance, you may have to purchase a new ring altogether. If you must guess at the size, then guess a larger ring size. It is easier to resize a ring that is too large.

Final Tips for Buying a Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

Here are a few final things to keep in mind when shopping for your diamond engagement ring:

· Your partner’s likes/dislikes, lifestyle, and hand/finger size. This is for them, after all. It only makes sense to keep this at the top of your consideration list.

· Ensure that you only choose certified stones, whether they be natural, or lab made diamonds. Quality counts, especially with something as important as an engagement ring.

· Only shop reputable brands that cater to their customers and offer easy, painless returns or exchanges.

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