A Guide to Metals for a Custom Diamond Ring

A Guide to Metals for a Custom Diamond Ring

Rings have been a popular choice for anyone who is looking to show off brilliant diamonds. From engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings to elegant fashion rings, they all make a wonderful display for the diamond of your choice. However, many rings can look the same as others, so customizing a ring is the way to go if you want a unique style that will stand out.

One of the elements of customization that goes into a diamond ring is choosing the metal you want to set your diamond in. The metal makes the foundation of your ring, so you must choose one that looks nice and will also stand up to years of wear. There are many different types of metal to choose from for a diamond ring, so it’s important to know about them so you can make an informed decision!

Types of Metal

When it comes to metals for diamond rings, there are four that are the most popular options currently. Understanding the differences between each will allow you to make your choice.


Platinum is the most prestigious metal you can choose for your diamond ring. It is a white metal and gives off a beautiful shine that won’t need replating. One of the best aspects of platinum is that it is incredibly durable, so it’s unlikely to get damaged when you wear it. This makes it an amazing choice for engagement rings or wedding bands since those are worn almost constantly!

Platinum is also great for those who have sensitive skin because it is completely hypoallergenic. Platinum is one of the most popular metals for engagement rings because it is known for being able to keep diamonds in place when used as prongs, in addition to its overall durability. However, these perks do come with a hefty price tag. Platinum is the most expensive metal option for diamond rings as well as the heaviest. Even so, almost anyone will tell you it’s worth the extra money and weight on your finger.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a classic metal choice for diamond rings, and for good reason. It is the purest color of gold which makes it the most hypoallergenic option as well as easy to maintain because it won’t need replating. Most yellow golds are gold alloy mixed with other metals like zinc and copper. Yellow gold is a great option for rings that have ornate styles because it’s easier to manipulate than other forms of gold.

Yellow gold looks great on warmer skin tones and allows for your diamond to be lower grade because the yellow of the metal will hide some of the discolorations. While yellow gold has been around for a long time for diamond rings, it’s growing in popularity in recent years, so it’s a timely choice!

Yellow gold’s durability is based on the karat of the metal. The higher the karat, the purer the metal is, with 24k being the purest form. So, 18k gold has fewer metals mixed into it than 14k gold. However, the higher the karat, the easier it is to shape, which can make higher karat gold rings more susceptible to damage.

While you may think you want the purest gold possible, you do need to consider this aspect and choose gold that will stand up to the wear of your ring. 18 or 14 karat is typically a good choice for an engagement ring. 18k is best for a purer metal, allowing for less possible reaction to the metal, while 14k will give you a stronger metal, better for those who work with their hands regularly.

White Gold

White Gold is currently the most popular metal for diamond engagement rings, accounting for almost half of the engagement rings in 2021. White gold has a similar silver look to platinum, so it’s an option many pick because it’s cheaper. White gold is made in a similar process as yellow gold, mixing gold with other metals. It is then plated with rhodium to give it a silver finish. White gold is measured on the same karat scale as yellow gold.

The largest downside to white gold is that it will need to be replated frequently to keep its silver color. Since it’s only plated with rhodium, the plating will wear off over time. White gold is priced similarly to yellow gold, but its higher maintenance needs may make it more costly over time.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is rising in popularity and is considered a trendy choice in metal for diamond rings. Rose gold rings are made similarly to the other gold rings, but the gold is mixed with copper and silver to give the ring a pink hue. The more copper there is in the mix, the pinker the ring will appear. Rose gold rings compliment diamonds that have a warmer tone, much like yellow gold rings do, allowing you more flexibility with your diamond choice than white gold or platinum.

Rose gold rings are the most durable of gold rings because of the addition of copper. However, copper can cause an allergic reaction in some people, so it may not be the best choice for those with sensitive skin. Rose gold is priced much like white and yellow gold, depending on the karat or purity of the metal.

Why Customize a Diamond Ring?

You can go into a jewelry store and choose a diamond ring they have on hand, but you would be missing out on all the added benefits of customizing a ring. When you customize your diamond ring, it gives you full control over what the ring looks like, from the shape to the accents and everything in between.

At the end of the customization process, you are left with a beautiful ring that is unique to you, which will be much more eye-catching to others around you. Plus, customizing allows you to work within your budget and still create a ring you love! It truly will give you all the great sides of ring shopping!

Tips for Customizing a Diamond Ring

The idea of creating your ring can be intimidating. However, follow these tips, and you’ll feel like a pro throughout the process!

  • If you’re creating a ring set or planning on wearing two rings on one finger, choose the same metal to create a uniform look.
  • If you want to mix metals, try to stay in the same tone family, such as rose gold with yellow gold.
  • Only choose diamonds that have been certified – IGI for lab-created and GIA for natural for a custom engagement ring
  • Consider both your budget and your partner’s personal taste when creating your ring.


Creating a custom diamond engagement ring for your loved one is an exciting process. Understanding the metals offered for diamond rings will help you pick the perfect foundation for your creation. With Clarity is here to help make the customization process as exciting and enjoyable as possible, so check us out for your diamond ring needs

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