How To Choose An Engagement Ring That Will Wow Her

How To Choose An Engagement Ring That Will Wow Her

You’re almost ready to propose. You have everything lined up: the location, what you’ll say, what you’ll wear and how you’re going to do it. The only missing piece? The actual engagement ring. You already know the steps to buying an engagement ring, but you’re not 100 percent sure how to choose an engagement ring she’ll flip over. While the ultimate decision is up to you, we’re here to help you get a better grasp on which ring to pick.

First, consider her lifestyle

While those huge rocks sported by celebrities might look amazing, they’re really impractical for most women. Your future wife has a lot on her plate every day — and her engagement ring can’t get in the way (or worse, be damaged) by her day-to-day activities.

So, how do you choose an engagement ring to fit her lifestyle?

Take her career into consideration. The ring you choose will be different depending on her job because some are more hands-on than others.

For example: Medical professionals, chefs and factory workers — among others — use their hands to do their jobs, are constantly washing their hands and need rings with few nooks and crannies to keep it clean (and reduce bacteria). For these women, a high-profile ring set with a thin band is probably not a good idea because it’s harder to clean and can snag easily. In those cases, you want to look for low-set rings made with thicker bands and more durable metal (like platinum).

How to Choose An Engagement Ring Different Settings

Think about her activity level. Those who exercise more often — like yoga enthusiasts or Cross Fitters — also do better with low-profile rings made with durable metals because there’s less risk of snagging or losing a stone while she’s in a downward dog or doing pull-ups. For the record, we suggest that you always take off your jewelry before you work out. But everyone’s human, and you’re bound to forget once or twice. When that happens, it’s better to have a ring that can withstand the challenges.

Consider her style

Some women love wearing jewelry — the more, the better. Other women? They might only wear it for special occasions (or not at all). You need to take her personal style and habits into account for evaluating how to choose an engagement ring.

Consider her jewelry-wearing habits. If she wears a lot of flashy jewelry, then you can bet she’ll like a ring with a more intricate design (like the Double Halo Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring). Does she like to keep things subtle and simple? Then opting for a solitaire ring — like the Classic Four Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring — might be more her jam.

Does she follow the trends? Rose gold is very popular right now and might be a trendy choice for a wedding band if she likes to follow what’s hot. However, white gold is consistently the most requested metal and might be more fitting for a woman who likes a more classic style.

How to Choose An Engagement Ring Different Metals

Consider where you are in life

Knowing how to choose an engagement ring often comes down to your budget, especially when choosing between two rings with different price tags. If you're stuck between two rings and one's cheaper, consider these questions: Do you have student loans? Are you two trying to buy a house together, or are you already settled? You might decide that the dollars you want to spend on an engagement ring are better used somewhere else in your budget.

And don’t fret that you’re not getting the biggest ring possible. It's not uncommon to upgrade your diamond later in life — and many couples invest in bigger rings once their incomes and lifestyles are more stable. Also: Side stones, halos and accent diamonds can give you more bling for less money.

Consider the extra value you could be getting

You can buy a diamond engagement ring at many, many different jewelers — but not all jewelers are the same when it comes to customer service and options. If you're stuck between two brands, look at what else is offered by each company. With Clarity, for example, offers complimentary "dipping" for your white gold engagement rings forever so your ring always looks its best, along with complimentary resizing in case something happens.

We also have an expert gemologist on site to help consult on everything from diamond clarity to budget — and we have access to every GIA certified diamond on the market, meaning you know you’ll get what you’re paying for.

Consider what she likes

You already know your future wife is one-of-a-kind, so don’t rely on others to decide on the ring she’s going to wear for the rest of your life together. And remember that you're not buying a ring that you like, but rather the ring you know she'll like. You know, something that will make her squeal like she does when she sees puppies. You can peek at her Pinterest boards to get an idea of what she likes, or just straight up ask her what she wants. It's not uncommon for couples to shop for an engagement ring together.

It doesn't matter if the metal isn't trendy anymore or if people are choosing another shape of diamond. It’s a symbol of your love — and all that matters is that she loves it.

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How to choose an engagement ring?

In order to pick the perfect engagement ring, make sure to take your partner’s lifestyle, career, style, and your budget into consideration. The engagement ring should celebrate your love, so pick a ring design that will perfectly reflect the uniqueness of your bond.

Is platinum a good choice for an engagement ring?

Yes, platinum is one of the most popular metals for an engagement ring as it is durable, hypoallergenic, and will not lose its shine over time. It exudes a sophisticated appeal that never fails to impress.

Can engagement rings be upgraded?

Yes, engagement rings can be upgraded later in life. Many couples choose to invest in a bigger or better stone once their budget allows it.

Can we shop for the engagement ring together?

Yes, definitely. It's not uncommon for couples to shop for an engagement ring together, and it can actually help make the process stress-free.

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