Latest Trends in Engagement Ring Styles

Latest Trends in Engagement Ring Styles

Everything in style and fashion experiences the coming and going of trends. Though you may be willing to donate that outdated pair of shoes in the back of your closet, there is one accessory that you want to be sure will pass the test of time. A diamond engagement ring is the one piece of jewelry that you’ll want to be excited to wear every day for the rest of your life. Finding the perfect one for you or your partner is an important task, and we’re here to help.

There are many trends and styles to consider. However, there is something that has managed to stay consistent through many waves of change. A diamond is still the preferred choice for engagement rings. It is a classic tradition that every child grows up dreaming about, and the notion that “diamonds are forever” seems to have held true. With many different diamond shapes and cuts, band metals, setting styles, and embellishments, there are still plenty of ways to make sure you find a ring that tells the unique story of your happily-ever-after. The most popular shapes of diamond are the round brilliant and the princess shape, due to their unmatched brilliance for their size and their ability to beautifully reflect light. Feel free to browse our diamond selection to look at the shapes available and decide which one is best for you or your partner.

white, yellow and rose gold diamond and metal bands 

The metal for the band and setting is as important to consider as the diamond. This depends heavily on personal style preference and skin tone. Current trends have offered more options when it comes to metal choice, as rose gold and yellow gold have become increasingly popular. Rose gold has a lovely pink hue that gives a soft, feminine allure. Yellow gold is the classic gold color that lost its popularity until recently, but it’s making a comeback! If you or your partner prefer cool, silver tones, a more contemporary style, white gold is the perfect metal for you. If you just can’t decide which metal is the right one, you’re in luck! One of the current trends taking hold is using two-tone metals. This is a great option that ensures the ring will always match the rest of your jewelry.

 classic diamond engagement ring styles

There is a lot of variety of style and choices when it comes to the setting, design, and embellishment of engagement rings. We’ll share some of the most popular styles and current trends with you here to help you figure out which of these best suits your particular style or that of your partner! One of the most timeless styles is a Solitaire. The simplicity of this style really helps your diamond stand out and shine. Easy to pair with a wedding band, it’s clear why this style has remained popular for so long. Another style that has been popular for the past few years is the diamond halo style. This style surrounds the center diamond with smaller diamonds, which is evocative and romantic and can also make the center diamond appear larger. Contemporary styles are definitely seeing a rise in sleek simplicity and geometric lines, a newer trend deviating from the classic feminine curves of the vintage styles. Many couples today are doing things a little differently and seeking some non-traditional designs and options for their engagement rings. There is plenty of room to express your uniqueness even within the classic tradition of a diamond engagement ring.

We are also seeing this non-traditional trend when it comes to engagement proposals! Men and women are thinking outside of the box and using this important occasion to get creative and show their significant other just how much they mean to each other. While it has always been a tradition to ask the family’s permission before proposing, it is now becoming popular to get family and friends involved in the proposal itself. It is a beautiful gesture that shows that family is important and integral part of your marriage. Another exciting proposal trend is choosing a unique and visually striking destination as the backdrop. Whisking your partner off to a beautiful and unique location adds a sense of adventure and story to take the moment to the next level. Something good to consider, especially if you are choosing to propose in a gorgeous setting, is photography! Many people are planning to have photographers present for the big day, either in secret, or to pop out at that picture perfect moment. The most important and heart-warming trend is that people are taking the time and the initiative to get creative and make sure that the moment is special and unique to their relationship.

Whatever ring you choose and however you choose to offer it to your beloved, the most important thing to consider is what makes your partner special, what makes your relationship unique, and the expression of true love you feel in your heart. With these things in the front of your mind, you are sure to create the perfect moment that you will be able to always look back on fondly.

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Popular Engagement Ring Styles

One of the first factors to consider when selecting an engagement ring is the setting style. This is typically broken into several categories like solitaire, classic, contemporary, halo, or three stone. Each style has a distinctive look and meaning. While solitiare rings have always been a staple and traditionally used to propose, there are many other new styles that are becoming popular. Solitaire engagement rings showcase the center diamond with a plaing metal band. In recent times, halo rings have become popular as they accentuate the size of the center diamond. Halo styles can be paired with a variety of diamonds like round, princess, cushion and other fancy shapes. Another popular setting style trend is the classic rings styles that are accentuated with accent stones. Accent stones are typically fraction of the size of the center diamond and add to the sparkle of the ring as the wearer moves around. Finally, contemporary ring styes are popular as well since they combine interesting geometrical shapes, lines and unique layouts to create unique and non-traditional engagement ring styles. Other styles like three stone are declining in popularity as they have a bit more flash and can be more expensive. Those who opt for the three stone style, tend to get baguette diamonds as acent stones since these are both less expensive and less ostentatious. Either way, there are many combinations of styles and metals to choose from. It is important to understand the style of the wearer before finalizing on one.

Classic, solitaire, contemporary, three stone, and halo style diamond engagement rings are indeed the most popular engagement ring styles. The number of ring combinations that can be made out of these five styles are truly endless.

popular engagement rings classic bypass

Classic Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring

This is a classic style of diamond engagement ring. It is accentuated with gorgeous accent diamonds that lead up to the center diamond. It has a modern look, yet still belongs in the classic collection. The rows of sparkling micropavé diamonds go well with round, princess cut, and also cushion cut center diamonds.

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popular engagement rings open cathedral diamond

Open Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

Anyone who is into solitaire rings, yet likes a touch of uniqueness, will love this ring. This solitaire ring stands out from others because of its thicker band. However, the thick band doesn't take away from the dazzling center stone at all, it only brings more attention to it. The thick band opens up into a cathedral style head. This ring is extremely sturdy, yet very elegant at the same time. This engagement ring will truly stand the test of time.

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popular engagement rings split shank pave

Split Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

This split shank engagement ring belongs in the contemporary ring collection. Contemporary ring styles are gaining popularity for the way that they can combine unique geometrical lines, shapes, and layouts to form a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Even though they might not be a traditional engagement ring style, they are still unique and gorgeous. This specific ring lines a split shank with accent diamonds that diverts as it travels away from the dazzling center diamond.

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popular engagement rings three stone trellis

Three Stone Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring

Similar to what the name implies, this ring belongs to the three stone engagement ring collection. Three stone rings are meant to represent the past, the present, and future commitment that a couple has. Hence the three separate stones, which stands for each one of these things. This engagement ring is flashy and extravagant with the three stone diamond trellis. Three stone rings, in general, aren’t as popular as others because they are more “flashy” and are typically more on the expensive side. However, if you love big bold rings with lots of sparkles, this ring will be perfect for you.

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popular engagement rings split shank squarish halo

Split Shank Squarish Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This specific split shank ring belongs to the halo collection. This sparkly ring has a squarish halo that encircles the center stone. It makes it look even bigger than it is which is very appealing to many. It has a small split shank band that contains 0.28 carats of accent diamonds. Halo engagement rings can be paired with any diamond shape and it will still look great. Some examples of popular diamond shapes for halo engagement rings are round diamonds, princess cut, and cushion cut diamonds.

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Popular Engagement Ring Metals

Typically, fine metlals like gold and platinum are used for diamond engagement rings. These match the diamond in terms of value and durability. In he past, yellow gold was a traditional and common choice for both engagement rings and wedding bands. However, as styles and tastes have evoloved, now over 70% of brides prefer white gold for both their engagement ring and wedding bands. Brides also prefer to get matching engagement ring and wedding band sets. This means that the engagement ring and wedding band are crafted to fit perfectly into one another. Diamond accents on the engagement ring are mirrored on the wedding band for a cohesive look. Many brides choose a different metal for their engagement ring and wedding band. For example a white gold engagement ring is paired with a rose gold wedding band for a distinctive look. Many also choose to match the metal color of their engagement ring with the metal color of the wedding band that their groom chooses. All in all, there are many creative ways to play with the metal combinations for the engagement ring and the wedding band to make a unique statement.

popular engagement rings pave edged

Pave Edged Diamond Engagement Ring

This matching white gold engagement ring is a popular choice for many people. It features 0.22 carats of pave set diamond rows. These rows of diamonds split into an elevated center making it look more elegant than ever.

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popular engagement rings pave edged wedding band

Pave Edged Diamond Wedding Band

This is a gorgeous matching white gold wedding band. It has pave edged diamonds, 0.25 carats in total. The pave edged diamonds split featuring a high polish metal center. This makes the diamonds really stand out in this women’s wedding band. It’s simple, yet still extremely graceful and beautiful.

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Popular Engagement Ring Shapes

Apart from the style and the metal of the engagement ring, the shape of the diamond is a major determinant in the look of the diamond. In the past round was one of the most popular shapes for an engagement ring. This trend still continues with round being the most sought after shape. However, following behind round is princess with it's sophisticated square shape and pointed corners. Cushion has also risen sharply in popularity as it is a beautiful blend of the brilliant cut round along with the squarish shape of the princess diamond.While most engagement rings are made with these three shapes, others choose unconventional fancy shapes for a ring that really stands out. If deviating away from these most popular shapes, be sure to make certain whether or not your significant other likes the diamond shape that you have selected.

popular engagement rings petite solitaire

Petite Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This gorgeous solitaire engagement ring features a round cut diamond. This classic solitaire engagement ring has a very thin band which really makes the center diamond stand out and appear larger than it actually is. It has smooth edges and is the perfect engagement ring for someone who wants something simple and classic.

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popular engagement rings sleek cathedral solitaire

Sleek Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

This solitaire engagement ring looks absolutely stunning with a princess cut diamond. It’s a classic cathedral solitaire ring, meaning it combines the smooth and graceful finish of the precious metal with a cathedral styled head. This lifts up the center princess cut diamond perfectly. It really brings out the sparkle of the center stone.

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popular engagement rings tapered cathedral solitaire

Tapered Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

This classic solitaire engagement ring goes wonderfully with a cushion cut center diamond. The band is a bit thicker than other solitaire engagement rings but it still looks very smooth and elegant. The ends slightly curve upwards towards the center cushion cut diamond, bringing out its brilliance.

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What is on trend for women's engagement rings?

Rose gold as a metal choice has become an increasingly popular trend for women's engagement rings today because of the gorgeous pink hue and soft allure. Two-tone metal engagement rings are also increasingly popular. As for style, solitaire and halo styles are still considered trendy, especially with the ever-so-popular round shape diamond or even the princess cut diamond. Toi-et-moi engagement rings, colorful gemstone rings, vintage style rings, and even gender-neutral rings are all considered trendy for women's engagement rings.

What is the most popular diamond shape for women's engagement rings?

Round brilliant shape and cushion shape diamonds are considered the most popular when it comes to women’s engagement rings.

Are lab grown diamonds on trend for women's engagement rings?

Yes, lab grown diamonds are on-trend for women’s engagement rings. They not only offer the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as a natural diamond but they are also more affordable, environmentally friendly, and offer a sustainable way to shine.

What is the most popular setting style for an engagement ring?

While a classic solitaire setting style will always win hearts with couples, others such as halo and accent style settings are also gaining popularity because of their versatility.

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