Round Cut Vs. Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: Which One Should You Select?

Round Cut Vs. Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: Which One Should You Select?

If you're getting ready to pop the question, the perfect diamond engagement ring is probably foremost on your mind. For decades, engagement rings have been the ultimate symbol of love, commitment, and the promise of a lifelong journey together. They're also gorgeous pieces of jewelry that represent the wearer's (and their partner's) tastes, preferences, and unique story.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is a significant decision on many fronts and, therefore, deserves much thought and consideration. For example, which diamond cut should you select? For individuals debating the merits of round-cut engagement rings and princess-cut engagement rings, here's what you need to know.

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


Round-cut diamond engagement rings have become immensely popular, earning the top spot as the most chosen style. These gorgeous rings are characterized by their timeless appeal, traditional elegance, and versatility. The stone's circular shape is a classic choice that effortlessly represents a symbol of enduring love. Aesthetics-wise, round diamonds boast 57 or 58 facets, carefully designed to maximize their brilliance regardless of your setting or design. Depending on your carat weight, versatile round-cut diamonds can create a minimalist or statement-making engagement ring.

Brilliance and Sparkle

Round-cut diamonds are prized for their sparkle. Their faces are strategically placed to reflect light as much as possible, resulting in exceptional sparkle and fire. This cut, thought to have been invented around 1919, has always been celebrated for its unparalleled ability to capture and disperse light, making it a favorite for those seeking a ring that truly glitters.

Popularity and Timelessness

Round-cut diamond engagement rings are here to stay, a trend unlikely to end anytime soon. Their enduring appeal transcends generations, ensuring your ring never goes out of style.

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


Princess cut diamonds feature a square or slightly rectangular shape with sharp angles and unique facets. From the top, they often look like a box, but down below, they possess an upside-down pyramid shape. This cut exudes a modern and distinctive aesthetic, making it a bold and contemporary choice for your engagement ring.

Brilliance and Sparkle

Princess cut diamonds, with their pointed corners and angular facets, offer a different type of sparkle, unique to this cut. While the round cut remains the best at maximizing light, a princess cut has a charm all its own. This cut's unique features set it apart, giving your engagement ring a contemporary and dynamic look.

Modern Appeal

You may be surprised to learn that princess-cut diamonds aren't so far behind round cuts in terms of popularity. Some believe the cut to be the second most popular choice for diamond engagement rings. A 'fancy cut,' a princess cut diamond can exude sophistication and add an element of glamor to any ring.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Engagement Ring

Personal Preferences

Your style plays a crucial role when choosing a diamond cut. Round-cut diamond engagement rings offer a classic and timeless appearance, while princess-cut engagement rings provide a more modern and edgy feel. Typically, round cuts work best for those who want a minimalist feel. They work incredibly well as solitaire engagement rings and can give you a subtle sparkle that's not over the top. Alternatively, princess cuts tend to make more of a statement. They're perfect for anyone who wants a more luxurious ring, as they're well-suited to halos and other intricate details.

Speaking of details, consider how the diamond cut complements the overall engagement ring setting and design. Round cuts are versatile and harmonize with various settings, from three-stone rings to solitaires. Alternatively, princess cuts often shine in contemporary or geometric designs such as halos, hidden halos, and pave set bands.

The choice of cut also impacts the way light interacts with the diamond. Round cuts are known worldwide for their brilliance and are considered the gold standard. Nevertheless, princess cuts exhibit bolder flashes of light that can offer a unique look.

Understanding how each cut interacts with light will help you select the one that matches your desired sparkle and overall engagement ring appearance.

Practical Considerations

We know that you want the best and most beautiful diamond engagement ring possible. However, budget plays a significant role. The choice of cut can influence the cost and apparent size of the diamond. Round cuts often appear larger for their carat weight because they have more surface area, which can make them a cost-effective choice. However, as the most popular cut, they tend to be more costly than their princess-cut counterparts. Princess cuts can look large due to their angles, but they carry a significant portion of their carat weight below the inverted pyramid part of the stone.

Regardless of which cut you choose, consider lab grown diamonds for a sustainable and budget-friendly option. A lab-grown diamond is chemically and aesthetically identical to a natural diamond - but most importantly, less expensive! You may be able to afford a much more impressive stone than you think if you choose man-made over earth-mined.

Expert Opinions and Recommendations

It's helpful to seek advice from jewelers and experts in the field when making your decision. With Clarity offers guidance from expert gemologists to help you select the perfect ring. If you're looking for a custom ring, With Clarity can help you build your engagement ring from scratch. Start with your preferred diamond cut and then move forward from there, selecting your metal, setting, details, and personalization such as engraving.

Also, explore With Clarity's Home Preview option for an in-depth look at your chosen diamond. Take it for a spin on your finger to see how it reacts to the light, suits your preferences, and solicit feedback from friends and family.

Ultimately, the choice between round and princess cut diamonds depends on your personal preferences, style, and budget.

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